27 June 2023

Who is Pijo/Picha Itsuki???

 Thanks a lot to some Thai tweets from Thailand. And I continue searching. The name Pijo or Picha Itsuki (born 2444 - died 2501 or 2489 or 2477 if the details of his death is correct, or it can be 2513 (age 69) or 2525 (age 81) or 2537 (age 93!!) or 2549 (age 105!!!) if he died after retired.) sounds similar to some notable Thai policemen, but other details (especially the details of death) are not match:

* Phra Phichan Phonlakit  (พล.ต.ต. พระพิจารณ์พลกิจ, 2436-2502)

* Khun Phichaimontri / Phichai Montri (พล.ต.ต. ขุนพิชัยมนตรี, 2442-2514)

* Luang Phichitthurakan  (พล.ต.ท. หลวงพิชิตธุระการ, 2443-2499)
Mentioned in https://th.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E0%B8%84%E0%B8%94%E0%B8%B5%E0%B8%86%E0%B9%88%E0%B8%B2_4_%E0%B8%AD%E0%B8%94%E0%B8%B5%E0%B8%95%E0%B8%A3%E0%B8%B1%E0%B8%90%E0%B8%A1%E0%B8%99%E0%B8%95%E0%B8%A3%E0%B8%B5_%E0%B8%9E.%E0%B8%A8._2492

Pichai Kullavanich / Pichai Kullawanit / Phichai Kullawanich (or other Latin spellings) (พลตำรวจเอก พิชัย กุลละวณิชย์, 2448 – 2536)

* Pracha Buranathanit (พลตำรวจโท ประชา บูรณธนิต, 2446-2529)

* Phra Phinit Chonkhadi (พลตำรวจเอก พระพินิจชนคดี (พินิจ อินทรทูต), 2434-2513) In March 2, 2023, an IP address wrote in Wikipedia that Phinit born on January 2, 2434, similar to January 2, 2444. However, in fact, Phinit born on other date and month, 7 June or 17 June (different numbers in the same book, and not sure what is typo between 7 and 17), not January 2 for sure.

* List of the Director General of the Police Department and the National Police Commander of Thailand


I think the Thai police station building in that era is not so boxy. 

The present-time Thai police station buildings is boxy like that, but almost all of them are less than five floors.

Pijo or Picha Itsuki (Natsuki) said his name include "the first" or "the first month". 

The month "January" writes as 一月 or1月 (ichi-gatsu).  "The month of January" in English means 1月の月 (ichi-gatsu no tsuki). https://www.quora.com/Why-are-the-moon-and-month-have-the-same-translation-on-Japanese-in-googel-What-is-the-difference-How-do-I-use-it

So we should looking for the Thai words/surnames that means (or include the word means) "January" or "the first month".

Picha (Natsuki) said about Pitchaloo or Douanneun ("Pitcharū ka douan'nun"). This shocking me.
* Duean Nueng (เดือนหนึ่ง) means "month 1" or the first month. 

* At first, I think Pitchaloo sounds like Vishnu so I think it can be พิษณุ, พิศณุ, วิษณุ, วิศณุ, วิศรุต, etc. The name starts with Pi/Phi or Pit/Phit. The Phi or Phit pronounces like Phi in the Phichit province or Phit in the Phitsanulok province.
* However, it is just about Pi Chalu / Pee Chaloo (ปีฉลู) that is the ox year. Picha is correct about this.

Picha (Natsuki) said about "Corn-chan". There are some places with similar names, such as Khon San, Khon Sawan, Khlong Chan, Khlong San, etc. 

Picha (Natsuki) also said about Olas or Orasu, which is similar to Laos.

Picha (Natsuki) also said about Hawin, maybe Hua Hin.

Picha (Natsuki) also said about Kupon (temple), maybe Wat Khu Bon (Wat Kubon).

Picha (Natsuki) pointed to Lampang in the Thailand map. (But I think it could be wrong, because he pointed at the "horse" or "horse carriage" picture or maybe "a man on an elephant" picture. Horses are not limited to Lampang.) 
https://dn790009.ca.archive.org/0/items/2020_20210614/%E3%82%BF%E3%82%A4%E5%85%A8%E5%9C%9F%E3%82%A4%E3%83%A9%E3%82%B9%E3%83%88%E5%9C%B0%E5%9B%B3.pdf  /  https://archive.org/details/2020_20210614/

Picha (Natsuki) said he is in the same era as Sawai Sawaisaenyakon (พลเอก ไสว ไสวแสนยากร) and both Picha and Sawai are in the same rank (พลเอก or พลตำรวจเอก). There are so many Thai police stations. It is very difficult to find him.

1. Some police station websites are offline or not available, or no list of ex-commanders.
2. Or looking for lists of Thai polices with the "พลตำรวจเอก" (Police Commander) rank, or lists of "พลเอก" (at that time, some polices also get the military rank), or พลตำรวจโท or พลตำรวจตรี.
3. I guess Picha is พันตำรวจเอก (phan tamruat ek) or an other lower rank, that is much more common than พลตำรวจเอก (phon tamruat ek) or any "phon tamruat". So I can't find "
phon tamruat ek/tho/tri Picha" or any similar names.

 My answers about Natsuki / Picha Itsuki

1.  I think he is not Police Commander rank (Phon Tamruat Ek), but a much lower rank. Police Commander or a high rank police will not chase a criminal by himself, but order other lower rank polices in his command to do. So if Picha is a Police Commander, he will not chasing a criminal (by himself) and will not die because of that.

2. I think Natsuki/Picha remembered something (or many things) incorrectly.

3. Natsuki/Picha may remembered something correct, but I guess the data (plural) in the article is altered to prevent people from knowing/identifying who Picha is.

4. "Pi Chalu (Pee Chaloo) (ปีฉลู) or Duean Nueng (เดือนหนึ่ง), Year of the Ox or January, was in my name." So we should looking for the Thai words/names/surnames that means or includes (the meaning of) "ox" or "cow" or "first month" or "January", rather than Picha, Pichai, Pichit or any similar words/names/surnames. 

In Thailand, the traditional first month is usually December or November rather than January. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_lunar_calendar

My opinion:

1. In the globalized world that people learn English as second language, if Natsuki learn Thai as third language, he will explain about it better.

2. If Prof. Ohkado reveals ALL about it. Thai people may be able to help find more information.

Natsuki seems to be a placeholder name because of child privacy protection, and the Natsuki name is more common in female than male. JUST NATSUKI. OK.



https://ohkado.net/articles/Ohkado_2023_Liberal_Arts.pdf and Machine Translated by Google

"Chubu University Liberal Arts Review" 5, 36-55, 2023

An International Reproduction Case: A Case of a Child with Past Live Memories in Thailand

An International Case of the Reincarnation Type:

A Case of a Child Claiming to Have Lived in Thailand

OHKADO Masayuki


This article reports an international case of the reincarnation type. The participant of the study is a

Japanese child living in the western part of Japan, who, at the age of 5 years and 5 months, started

talking about his past-life memories in Thailand as a police officer. He made numerous statements

and a number of utterances which he claimed to be the language he had used in his past life. He

kept talking about the life for more than a year and even at the time of the writing of this article

(December, 2022), he appears to have some vivid memories. The basic part of the story has been

consistent and seems to be reflecting real experiences in a different country from Japan.

Some of the knowledge he has is quite specific and appropriate for the person the child claims to

have been his past-life personality. child is not specific enough and the case remains unsolved at present.

Keywords: regenerative case, Japanese child, past life in Thailand

Key words: case of the reincarnation type, Japanese child, past life in Thailand

1. Introduction

In the case of the reincarnation type (so-called “reincarnation” type), which began in earnest in

the 1960s, the research and results of 475 cases have now been made public. In addition, the 

Institute of Perception at the University of Virginia, which is promoting this research, contains

2,600 case studies, and the analyzed data are sequentially stored in a computer-searchable

database, allowing us to identify various aspects of the case as a whole. Trends and

characteristics are being clarified (Daimon, 2021). One of the interesting features revealed through

the analysis of this database is the small number of cross-border cases. The University of Virginia

database available at the time of writing contained 2,248 cases. different so-called international


There were only 92 (6.1%) cases (international cases).

The author, who has reported regenerative cases in Japan, has so far reported two international

cases. One is the case of Tomo, who said that he was a child of a British restaurant (Daimon,

2011; Ohkado, 2013). Another is the case of Akane, who said she died in a fire in India (Daimon,

2012). In this paper, we report on the third international case of Japanese.

Machine Translated by Google

2. Trigger of the survey and its outline

The subject is Natsuki, a boy living in the Kansai region. Natsuki was born in May 2016 as the eldest son of

pharmacist parents. The family religion is the Jodo Shinshu sect, but apart from visiting graves several times a

year, there are almost no religious events. As for reincarnation, my parents only knew about it when they saw it

on TV and thought, "It would be interesting if it happened." Natsuki has a brother who is two years younger and

a sister who is five years younger. No one in the family was interested in Thailand, which is related to Natsuki's

past life memories, and there was no point of contact, including travel.

I came to know about this case on November 29, 2021 when I met my mother, Aya.

Through the following e-mail received from Mr.

Nice to meet you, I am a mother of three children living in

••. Recently, my 5-year-old child suddenly said, ``For my ex-mama too,'' and in the language of a

child, she [sic] told me a story about when she [sic] was alive before. It seems that she [sic] remembers things from

the time she [sic] died in her previous life until she [sic] was born to me.

However, I do not remember the names of people and places that the teachers requested. (say something

However, it seemed that he was stuck in words because he could not pronounce it well. )

In the case of my child, he seems to have talked about his previous life to his kindergarten

classmates before telling me about it, and he is the only one who has memories of his previous life. .

I feel embarrassed, and it seems that I have made a big scratch on my little 5-year-old heart for the

first time. I don't know if

it's related to my previous life, but in my case, my child can only sit in one specific kindergarten

chair, and he can't play with everyone like a fruit basket. It seems that the floor of the kindergarten

was not able to sit on a part of the classroom last year. Kindergarten teachers have asked him why,

but in the end they still don't know the reason.

However, when I am with my family, such as when I go out with my family at home, I never have

such a thing. Speaking of that, that's all, but I think it's a strange behavior for this child.

I told him that there weren't many children with such memories of his previous life, but there were

others. Also, since he is interested in people who are doing research, such as archaeologists and

paleontologists, I also told him that there are people who are researching memories from their

previous lives. Then, are there really other children like him that the child wants to meet? and

showed interest. It's a memory that will disappear even if I leave it as it is, and I was wondering if I

should wait for the memory to disappear without contacting him, but I'm probably still worried, but

this time it doesn't apply to the condition, but the child himself. I thought it might be a trigger for

something, so I contacted you.

After exchanging several emails with this email, I interviewed him and his mother, Aya, via Zoom on

December 8, 2021. After that, I asked him to fill out a questionnaire to supplement the interview (December 15,

2021), and I had him send me emails and videos of what Natsuki said on an irregular basis. In addition, Mr. Kiat Chanyavilas, a Thai person, confirmed the Thai-like utterances that Natsuki spoke.

Machine Translated by Google

I had a talk with Mr. Kiat (December 27, 2021). In addition, we asked Mr. Usa Wongsangkul, who has also

published a paper on regenerative cases (Wongsangkul, 2021), to judge what Natsuki said and what sounds like

Thai. In addition, after the first interview, we conducted another interview (October 27, 2022), focusing on what we heard through Aya's emails and videos.

3. Natsuki's spoken memory and memory-related behavior

Here, I will describe the past life memories that Natsuki-kun talked about, focusing on the December 15th

interview and the responses to the questionnaire that followed, as well as the contents of other memories and

behaviors related to those memories. The contents of the emails and videos sent to the author are basically

shown in the appendix, but those that are considered particularly important are also mentioned in the main text.

3.1 Past life memory

Natsuki started talking about past life memories on November 13, 2021, when he was 5 years and 5 months

old. While Natsuki took a picture of his younger sister using his mobile phone, he said, ``My mother used to take

pictures like this, didn't she?'' When Aya, who was washing dishes in the kitchen, was surprised and asked, "What

do you mean by the previous mother?" Natsuki replied, "I died when I became an adult. (According to Natsuki's

story afterward, it seems that he drowned in the river. It seems that he couldn't convey that well, so he came up

with this expression.) When he died, it was painful. I thought I wanted to live more," he replied.

In response to Aya's question, "Who was your ex-mama?" About what happened in kindergarten not too long

ago, he said, ``At playtime in kindergarten, I asked my classmates if they remember living before, and they said,

"What is mae? Didn't you live before? I was told that I was living in the past and I only remembered Natsuki," he

said. This was the trigger for him to realize that he was the only one who had memories of his past life, and that

he felt embarrassed that he couldn't even tell Aya-san that he had memories. When Aya asked when he had

memories, he replied, "I remember that I was alive before, when I was a grapegumi." He seemed to be aware

of his memory from the time he was in the 2-year-old class (ages 2-3).

Furthermore, Natsuki said, ``Natsuki was a police officer and was a captain. He led everyone. Aya-san

remembered that Natsuki-kun used to say, "Natsuki is strong, so Natsuki will hold it!"

At first, Aya was surprised by Natsuki's remarks and thought it was just a fantasy.

I also felt that there was something more than a fantasy in the way he earnestly talked about things that could not be known.

To Natsuki, who was embarrassed to have past life memories, Aya told him that there were other children with

such memories, and that there was no need to be ashamed. While repeating that, Natsuki-kun began to actively

talk about his past lives. The main ones are summarized in Table 1.

Table 1: Past life memories told by Natsuki

(1) My name: "Pijo (or Picha)... Itukii" (I can't remember the middle one) 

Machine Translated by Google

"Itsuki" at the time of the survey. For the rest, "from 20220116's email". His nickname was "Gao" (from video 20220323a, b)

(2) Family composition: mother, father, older sister, older brother, myself, younger brother, younger sister. Married with a wife and one child. Both names are unknown. 

(3) Where I used to live: On the Thailand tourist information page amazing THAILAND provided by the government of Thailand, when I showed the posted map, it pointed to the area centered on Lampang in the north.

(4) The era I lived in: I don't know, but it was an era when three-wheeled vehicles were running.

When I was little, I didn't have a car, so I had an elephant to carry my luggage. (both will be described later) In addition, 20220716

According to the email, he was born in the year 2444 of the Buddhist calendar (1901 AD).

(5) State of the place where he lived: He kept animals around his house. A short bus ride brought me to town. there is a building

was There was also a fire station and a police station. There were rivers and lakes leading to the sea.

(6) What did you usually do: I went to the police academy. I was working in the police. The tallest and strongest

So I was the captain. The police station where I worked was on the fifth floor. (According to the 20211213 email, I really wanted to say, "There was a prison next to it, with horns.") On June 25 of the same year, he also drew a picture

of the building that was used at that time (Fig. 11). (The name of the Kingdom of Thailand was decided during the Constitutional Revolution of 1932, and if “born in 1901” mentioned in (4) is correct, it happened when he was 30 or 31 years old. Figure 11 may be a depiction of Ananta Samakhom, who issued the Manifesto of the People's Party).

(7) Liked (enjoyed): Police work 

(8) Disliked (sad): thieves don't get caught

(9) Favorite food: Curry. 

(10) Disliked food: Meat (meat used to be tough), garlic (because it makes the whole house stink), Chinese cabbage (still disliked)

(11) About police work: I am a police officer, ship and boat (The one filled with air

like a float. Hovercraft?), I was riding on something like a personal watercraft (with something attached to the bottom that looks like a helicopter, and you ride on it).

(12) About thieves: Thieves steal treasures like diamonds in the river. Put fakes so they don't get stolen

I will research thieves and steal the real thing without being deceived. After taking water from the river, use a shovel

Dig it up and take it. Treasure is money, but don't take it. needed to protect the river.

(13) About elephants: I rode elephants at the police academy. You cannot ride a wild elephant. carry someone on your back

Dangerous because they hate Non-wild elephants can be ridden. I didn't have a car when I was little.

I had an elephant at home. I also had a horse.

(14) Vehicles: Older buses left the front. The current bus does not go out in front. three old cars

tire. Four now. A small old truck has three wheels. 4 big trucks.

(15) Circumstances when he died: He was in a boat on the river trying to catch a thief. There is a big sharp stone,

The boat was hit. The boat had a hole in it and sank. Wear goggles on your face to cover your eyes and mouth

I died without it. (Drowning?)

(16) How do you feel about your previous life: I was happy. I'm glad I was alive before. 

(17) Was there anything left unfinished in your previous life: I wanted to do more police work. I wanted to live more. Before

I want to meet the mom of

(18) Do you remember what happened after you died? went up in the sky. The rest will be discussed in the next section ("Intermediate raw memory").

Machine Translated by Google

(19) Current relationship with mother: There are many references to “previous mom (mother’s person

in a past life, not the mother in a past life)” It was a woman at a cleaning shop who washes

clothes. Figure 12 shows a picture drawn by Natsuki on June 25, 2022.

Figures 1 to 7 show the drawings that Natsuki drew during the interview. In addition, a more detailed diagram of the police station drawn on December 10, 2021 after the interview is shown in Figure 8, and a model of the police station created on December 10 and 11 is shown in Figures 9 and 10. show. Figures 11 and 12 are referred to in (6) and (19) of Table 1, respectively. These images suggest that my memory as a police officer in Thailand remains quite vivid and specific.

Figure 1: Police uniform

Figure 4: Bus Diagram

Figure 7: Horses I had

Figure 2: Police station building

Figure 5: Map of the house I used to live in

Figure 8: Police station

Figure 10: Model of police station (top) 

Figure 11: Refer to (6) in Table 1

According to Aya's recollection, Natsuki behaved before speaking about her past life.

There are three points that can be judged as possibly reflecting past life memories.

Figure 3: Police car

Figure 6: A pet elephant

Figure 9: Police station model (front view)

Figure 12: Refer to (19) in Table 1

Machine Translated by Google

One is that, as mentioned above, around the age of 3, Natsuki often tried to lift heavy objects because she [sic] was strong. As shown in (6) of Table 1, Natsuki thinks that he remained a strong police officer. The second is resistance to water. Natsuki has been attending swimming school since he was about three and a half years old, but he has never been able to dive. However, after I started talking about past lives, I was able to dive. It is common for children with past-life memories to have fears or phobias about items related to past-life causes of death (Stevenson, 2001). In addition, it is possible that confronting children's past

life memories may lead to the resolution of problems caused by past lives (Bowman, 1997)5. I don't know.

Looking back, the third behavior that seemed to be related to past life memories was the night crying that started around the age of four.

Around this time, she [sic] would often wake up crying in the middle of the night about once a week. Aya heard the sleeping Natsuki muttering in her [sic] sleep, "Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-dodo-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-don" sounds like gunshots in his sleep, and she thought he was having a scary dream about fighting someone. However, when I started talking about past lives, I stopped waking up in the middle of the night. Just as James Leininger, who had memories of the American pilot who was shot down in the Battle of Iwo Jima, cried bitterly at the memory of his plane being shot down (Leininger & Leininger, with Gross, 2009). ), Natsuki's crying at night may also be related to the recollection of the scene of death in his past life. In addition, the fact that the colic subsided may be due to the same mechanism as the disappearance of resistance to water.

3.2 Intermediate memory, prenatal memory, birth memory

At the same time that Natsuki started talking about past life memories, he also talked about intermediate life memories, prenatal memories, and birth memories, as shown in Table 2.

Table 2: Intermediate memories, prenatal memories, and birth memories that Natsuki talked about

(1) I went to the sky (above the clouds) after I died. (Email 20220730a, b. Zoom interview on October 27, 2022.

Yÿ says that after he dies, he first burrows under the ground. See (7) below. )

(2) The sky is a bright place, and it feels good to be there. There were many people like me. (3) In the sky,

chatting with beings (friends) who are similar to you about being born and not being born


(4) I could see the ground from the sky. I could see the roof, and the roof and walls became transparent so I could

see inside. 

(5) I looked for the lady in the laundry shop (see (19) in Table 1) above the sky (clouds). I looked down

Then I learned that the woman was born as a baby (current mother Aya). that woman from time to time

(Natsuki says he saw him riding a bicycle and playing with his little sister.)

). When the woman grew up, she was told by someone who looked like a grandfather in the sky that she was born early.

be If you don't do that, you'll have to start over." I thought, "First come first served, so I have to do it quickly."

Although I was looking for it, I didn't have the courage to do so, so I got a blue box with a ribbon attached. the

Inside the box was a blue ball. I took it and headed into my mother's womb (20220126,

20221224 records).

(6) Three people went into the stomach, two people went into the stomach, and after a while I was the only one left.

Machine Translated by Google

rice field. (When I became pregnant with Natsuki, I was using an ovulation inducer. The doctor told me that I had ovulated

two. One was large enough, and the other was small and hadn't grown enough, so it probably won't wear out. I was told that

I would not sleep and that it was unlikely that I would have twins.)

(7) People go underground once they die. I'm down like a frog's egg. and wanted to be born

people go up in the sky and choose a mother. If you don't want to be born after all, go back under the ground.

nine. Those who chose a mother but did not enter the womb go to the sky again. (20220116 record b)

(8) Above the clouds, you can be born at any time. sooner or later. If it is too late, it is said that it will be born soon. If you still don't want to be born, start over from under the ground.

(9) Mom doesn't have to choose right away. If you choose first, your birthday will come earlier. If you choose late, your

birthday will come later. 

(10) It's first come, first served, so you have to go as soon as you think it's good. 

(11) A number like 100 is split in two, half going first and the rest slowly being reborn. 

(12) It's funny because when a lot of people die, the sky fills up with dead people.

(13) It went straight into my mother's stomach. 

(14) Living alone in mommy's womb. There are times when we live together (twins?), but it's hard. Crowded. is

Living alone from

(15) In the belly, the body was curled up and rolled around. I was playing around. 

(16) When my mother ate rice, I also had rice. I forgot what to eat (I'm hungry

I didn't see it from inside, but I got it).

(17) Mom was taking white medicine (I didn't see it in my stomach, but I got it). (Actually, I was taking white medicine,

Utemerin and Magmit, but I was also taking it when I was my second and third child, so look at it.

It is possible that )

(18) I was surprised when I was born. I was surprised to be wiped with a towel and hugged.

(1)-(13) are intermediate memories, (14)-(17) are prenatal memories, and (18) are birth memories.

Like many other children who talk about intermediate memories (Ohkado & Ikegawa, 2014), they say

that they chose their mother out of nowhere. It is also interesting to note that, as in the case of a girl

reported in Ohkado & Ikegawa (2014), she says she has known her current mother since she was a

child. His current mother says that she was a cleaning shop clerk in a past life, and it is thought that

she was a person who had a strong affection for him.

4. Examination of what was said

As the data in Tables 1, 2 and Appendix show, Natsuki has a wealth of knowledge about

Although there is no doubt that he Thailand. Moreover, as Natsuki says, that past life

was born in the year 2444 B.E. (6)) and other historical facts correspond to

events in the era in which the person lived.

Mr. Kiat Chanyavilas, a native Thai speaker who listened only to the audio, could not identify

the Thai-like words (including the person's name) spoken by Natsuki, but the words were

uttered. Usa Wongsangkul, who considered the romanized characters after providing context,

made the judgments shown in Table

Machine Translated by Google

Table 3: About “Thai language (including person names)” spoken by Natsuki

(1) Pijo/Picha itsuki (your name) ((1) in Table 1)


(2) Adwin (person's name) (20211227a)

not a thai name

(3) Andoko (person's name) (20220116 record a, 20220117 record) 

Not a Thai name 

(4) eksen (comes home) (20211227b)

not Thai

(5) Hawin (name of police academy) (20211231)

Is it a real Hua Hin Police station?

(6) pon tam eg (meaning unknown) 20220101b, c, 20220103 Records,

Pon Tamruad meaning Police General

20220116 record a)

Isn't it Eg

--     พลตำรวจเอก - Police General (phon tamruat ek)

(7) kupon (name of temple) (20220105d)

There is a temple called Wat Kuubon in Bangkok

(8) abin (hard) (20220224a) 

not Thai

(9) gao

Nickname in the sense of "keep doing"

(as everyone called it) (Table 1 (1), 20220323a, b,

can become

20221008 email)

Among the possible Thai words (1), (5), (6), (7), and (9), the most impressive is (6),

which stands for Police General. Considering that it was an important title for the person

himself, it is understandable why it appears many times in videos and records. (2)

Adwin for Prayoon Pamornmontri, (3) Andoko for Pongphatmanane Sawasdiwat.

--   หม่อมเจ้าผ่องผัสมณี จักรพันธุ์ (ราชสกุลเดิม สวัสดิวัตน์)


(Pongphatmanee Sawasdiwat)

utterance seems to be far from Thai pronunciation. If you pay attention to the 'n' sound

and the 'd' sound of 'diwat', you can hear 'Ando-'. Also, the last 't' is a stop sound, and

it is possible that the name was confused with the same stop sound 'k', so it can be

said that the name is more similar to a real person's name than judging from the letters.


Looking at the picture of the 15th police commissioner, Sawai Sawaiseenyagon, 

-- พลเอก ไสว ไสวแสนยากร

he said, “I was also a captain” (20220103 record). See if you can find a match.

The years of birth and death of Sawai Sawaiseanyagon are 1904 and 1980, respectively, and they

are thought to be of the same age as the person Natsuki describes in his past life. Natsuki says that

he died in the year of the dog (record 20220115), so he died in 1922 (21 years old), 1934 (33 years old),

1946 (45 years old), 1958 (57 years old), which is the year of the dog. , 1970 (69 years old), etc., but

considering that he became director and died in the middle of a mission, it seems appropriate to set his

death year to 1958. From this point of view, Table 4 shows the results of an investigation into the tenure

of office and the years of birth and death of the ministers before and after Sawai Sawaisaneyagon.

Table 4: Term of Police Commission before and after Sawai Sawaisaneyagon


Year of birth Year of death

given name

10 Ruang Adundejcharat 1936-1945 1894 1969 1945-1946 1890 1955

11 Praram Intra

12 Phra Pichan Pongit

1946-1947 1893 1959 

13 Ruwan Chartraghan Gosson 1947-1951 1902 1995

14 Pao Siyanon

1951-1957 1910 1960

15 Sawai Sawaisane Yagon 1957-1959 1904 1980

16 sarit tanarat

1959-1963 1908 1963 1963-1972 1911

17 Prasut Ruchirawong


In the table, there is no name that seems to be "Pijo/Picha Itsuki" that Natsuki talks about. As for the year of birth, the closest person to Natsuki's story of 1901 is Ruwan Chert Dragan Gawson (13th) 

--Luang Chattrakan Koson / Luang Chattrakankoson

born in 1902. However, since he died in 1995 at the age of 93, he does not seem to be a relevant person. Pao Shiyanon, who died in 1960, is the closest to Natsuki's year of death (the year of the dog), but I know ``Pao Shannon (Siyanon),'' and ``He was a disgusting person.'' (20220118b record), it will be excluded from the candidates.

The above is based on the premise that the age and zodiac signs that Natsuki told are accurate, but Sawai Sawai Saeng Yagon said that Natsuki was "born in the year of the rat" (20220103 record, 20220104 email ) The Chinese zodiac for the year of birth 1904 is "Dragon". Also, if the statement that he was born on January 2 (20220115 record) is correct, the day of the week is Wednesday, not Tuesday (20220104, 20220106 record, 20220323c).

There is a lot of specificity in what Natsuki is saying, so if you conduct an investigation after considering the age and numbers flexibly based on this kind of discrepancy, you may be able to find the person you are looking for. I would like to proceed with further research with the cooperation of Thai people and experts.

5. Analysis as an international case

Although there are not many international case reports, 14 well-documented cases were analyzed.

According to James Matlock, there are four possible motives for reincarnation as shown in Table 3 (Haraldsson & Matlock,

2016, 234-235)15.

Table 5: Possible Motives in International Cases Motives


in International Cases Number of Cases (1) Go to family, friends,

compatriots (2) Return to home country (3)


Missionary work (4)




from home country (5)


Motivation none


Regarding Tomo, whom the author investigated, who had past life memories as an Illegis,

I searched all over the world and found that my mother was the best, so I came to my mother's place."

Although she doesn't belong to any of Matlock's lists (Daimon, 2011; Ohkado, 2013), Akane, who had memories of being

Indian, said, ``It was a mistake to be born in India, and women are valued. I was born in Japan, where I was born.” In Matlock's

classification, this would be an example of (4) ``Escape from the homeland''.

Regarding Natsuki, who was introduced in this article, he describes his mother, Aya, as ``a woman who worked at a dry cleaning shop that I knew in a past life.''

Machine Translated by Google

It can be considered as an example of "go". However, since Aya has no past life memories, even if

Natsuki's remarks were true, it remains unclear why Aya, who has no connection with Thailand, chose

Japan. .

In any case, the case of Natsuki already exists in terms of motives regarding the place of birth.

It is important to note that some of the cases reported in

6. “Effects” of case recognition

Near-death experiences became widely known with the publication of Life After Life: The Investigation

of a Phenomenon — Survival of Bodily Death by Raymond Moody in 1975. Based on interviews with

150 people who experienced NDEs, this book made the existence of NDEs widely known and helped

many people who felt embarrassed by their dramatic experiences that no one understood. is what

happened. For example, Dannion Brinkley, who had a near-death experience in 1975 when he was

struck by lightning and was in cardiac arrest for 28 minutes, was met with strange looks when he told his

story, and doctors even sent him to a psychiatrist. . When Brinkley read a newspaper article about

Raymond Moody giving a lecture on the subject of ``Phenomena in those who survived being sentenced

to clinical death'', he said: At this point, Moody was writing a book that had not yet been published.

I was excited. For the first time since being struck by lightning, I realized that I was not alone.

After reading these few paragraphs, I understood that other people had been up that tunnel

and seen the Beings of Light, too. a name for what had happened — a near-death experience

(Brinkley, 1994, pp. 73-74). After reading the article, I learned that other people had

encountered light beings through that tunnel, and I even learned that my experience had a

name: a near-death experience. ])

After this, Brinkley attended a talk by Moody and was deeply impressed. During the question and

answer session after the lecture, Moody was given the opportunity to talk about his experience, and

Moody was interested in hearing about it, and decided to visit Brinkley's house for an interview. Moody

provided the foreword to Brinkley's 1994 publication of his experience.

In Brinkley's book, there are many people who had a hard time not having their near-death experiences

understood by those around them. It was Moody's book that helped people to understand the process

of death (or at least one aspect of it) by helping them and making the experience widely known. It was

the rise of publications and research on near-death experiences17 .

The same is true for children with past-life memories. When Tomo, born in the year 2000, just before

he turned 4, he was so worried that his mother took him to a psychiatrist when he started talking about

past life memories of being a kid in a British restaurant. After that, I learned that there were many other

children who were like me, and Tomo himself, like many other children with past life memories, lost his

past life memories and became a “normal child.” As a result, the mother's worries disappeared (Daimon,

2010; Ohkado, 2013). As for Tomo, by the time he became a junior high school student, he had

completely forgotten what he was talking about in his past life. I had the opportunity to speak with

Tomo's mother on the phone several years ago, and I learned that today's mothers with young children

Machine Translated by Google

Listening to a carefree talk about past life memories and intermediate life memories, if many mothers knew about the existence of children who talk about past life memories when they were raising their children, how much would they care? She said that it was easy, and that she was envious of mothers today who have such knowledge.

Aya seemed uneasy about Natsuki, who started talking about past life memories, so I talked about the general tendency of children with past life memories and the case of Tomo. After I sent the letter, he later said, "I feel like my heart has cleared. I have read the attached paper. I have read the books published by the professors since then, and the children of Carol Bowman, who all talk about their previous lives. I felt relieved after reading this, and I wanted to listen to Natsuki's story straight." Although the existence of children who talk about past life memories has come to be recognized to some extent, it is difficult to say that it has become commonplace. I hope that many cases like the ones reported in this paper will be reported and become widely recognized, and as a result, the day will come when parents will not be confused by past life memories told by their children. I would like to conclude my essay.

Notes 1. Figures are from James Matlock. 

2. Tomo's case is included in the University of Virginia database. 

3. The URL of the map is: https://www.thailandtravel.or.jp/common/pdf/illustmap_web2017.pdf

4. See Kakizaki (2007).

5. Bowman (1997) discusses the possible problems caused by past-lived memory. He proposes a five-step coping method. 

6. According to the research method of the University of Virginia Institute of Perception, each piece of data should be verified. 

7. See Kakizaki (2007), Chapter 4, regarding Thailand's involvement with the Japanese military.

8. Mr. Usa Wongsangkul judged many of Natsuki's statements to be very likely descriptions of life in Thailand, but I would like to discuss this point again in the future. 

9. The following Thai police-related photos were obtained at the following URLs.


Notes -- Police Museum at Paruskavan Palace. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paruskavan_Palace ) I guess this police museum is mostly focused on the police of Bangkok and the (very) central region of Thailand. I guess it has no much data for Lampang or Hua Hin. 

10. I searched the person in question from the Wikipedia list of successive police commissioners and confirmed the year of birth and death (URL omitted due to space limitations).

11. Use the web "Buddhist calendar, Western calendar, Japanese calendar, Zodiac quick reference table" to check the conversion between the Buddhist calendar and the Western calendar, and the sexagenary cycle. (URLs omitted due to space limitations). 

12.I can't find any such person among the police chiefs other than those listed in the table. 

13. Even after retiring, Natsuki's memory is not consistent with the fact that he has held important posts such as a senator. 

14. Days of the week were calculated using the following calculator sites provided by CASIO:


15. Cases belonging to each category are as follows. (1): (i) Yvonne Ehrlich (Stevenson, 1997a), who died in Austria and was born to a maternal grandmother's sister in Brazil; Win Myint (Stevenson, 1997b), (iii)

Machine Translated by Google

Irish-born Charles S. (Cockell, 2008) to an English family, (iv) the present-day Dalai Lama,

supposedly born to a once-familiar family in China (Wangdu, Gould , and Richardson, 2000), (2):

(i) Wael Kiwan, who died in the United States and was born in his native Lebanon (Haraldsson &

Matlock, 2016, Chapter 6) and (ii) Suzanne Ghanem (Shroder, 1999), (iii) James Leininger (Leininger

& Leininger, with Gross, 2008; Tucker, 2016), killed in the Battle of Iwo Jima and born in the United

States, and (iv) Adnan Kelleçi, who died in the Korean War and was born in Turkey (Stevenson,

2001); 3) (i) Osel Hita Torres (Mackenzie, 1988), born in Spain and believed to be the reincarnation

of the Tibetan monk Lama Yeshe; , 1996), (iii) Trinley Tulku (Mackenzie, 1996), purported to be the

reincarnation of the Tibetan monk Khashap Rinpoche, who was born in France and died in India,

and (iv) Zina Rachevsky, who was born in France and died while practicing in the Himalayas. (4) (i)

Barbro Karlén (Karlén, 2000), born in Sweden with memory of German Jews who died in the

Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany, and ( ii) Yael Shahar (ben Malka 2014), born in the

United States in memory of the Jewish Greeks who died in the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration


16. Regarding the number of cases, Matlock incorrectly gives 5 for (1) and 3 for (3).

17. Barbara Harris also wrote that she suffered from a dramatic near-death experience before Moody's

book was published (Harris & Bascom, 1990). 18. Bowman (2002).

Addendum: Natsuki's speech data

As materials for Natsuki's remarks, the following are (1) emails and (2) videos from his mother, Aya,

and (3) additional records sent during the process of writing the thesis. For each data, the date when

the author received it is attached. (1) was labeled as “email” and (3) as “record” to distinguish it from the

video. In addition, when there are multiple videos of the same day, they are distinguished by a, b, c, ....


Old mobile phones were pointed (something like wireless?) Old TVs were squarer than they are now. now long four




The bus in front of me had a poop on the top of the front (like a horn on the front roof).

record a

There was something wrong with it. )


His father in his previous life was also a police officer. That's how I became a police officer. Father in previous life

record b

Around that time, he died while driving his car in a storm.


When you die, your toes will be smoothed out. Before, I used chopsticks and a spoon, but now I use a fork and a knife.


Don't use if. The curry was delicious. Mothers make chopsticks for their children. chopsticks

Ina chopsticks. Chopsticks are made by cutting thick branches.


I only drink tea or water. You have to squeeze the milk yourself.



There were no signals before. The roads were sandy roads, and there were no lines like roads.



I was eating an orange instead of a mandarin orange. In the old days, there were no toys. I didn't have a bicycle. Child


was digging and playing in the field.

Machine Translated by Google


When a baby elephant is born, you have to build a cage. A baby goat was born. male goat

record a

Dead, only two goats remained. On his days off from police work, he took care of animals.


Itsuki was born in January. (Perhaps the name has the meaning of January?)

record b


It doesn't rain at all, and when it does, it rains a lot. (Is there a rainy season and a dry season?) Roads are concrete


No sandy road. There is a traffic light on the road near my house, and only there is concrete. My previous mom had whiter skin than my current mom.

won. She was white like her (now) sister. His eyes were dark brown and his hair was black. Everyone is different from the people of today

do not have. The words they spoke were not English, but the police cars and trucks had "POLICE" written on them. job

The police station I was in was a five-story building with corners and a cell next to it.


When I showed them an image of a house in the Thai countryside, the response was astonishing. "The old house looks like a shutter"

record a

So I searched the countryside in Thailand on the internet and showed an image, and when I saw the wall made of bamboo, I thought, "This is it!

This is what the house looked like! ' and reacted. I found a toilet with a hexagonal shape from among the many images on the Internet.

and say, "This is it!" Then suddenly say, "The toilet was away from home."


There was also a shop near my house. They sell camping tents. The tent is square, not triangular. other

record b

I also sold things that I use for barbecue. Some things are the same, some things are different.


Natsuki was born in January, so "Itsuki". I was born in January, so Itsuki! no lie


stomach! ! !


When I see a picture of a temple in Thailand, I say, "This is a grave."


20211220a Show the places you remember while looking at the map of Thailand.

20211220b I entered my stomach from above. 100 people rush in from above and the other 100 enter next.

20211220c Show a place in your memory by looking at pictures of World Heritage Sites.

20211220d While looking at the map of Thailand, show where you were born and where the police were.

20211220e Dressed like a self-defense force person, when I was trying to catch a bad person, I drowned in the sea (river?)

died. (After he died) he came down from above and turned into a human. First come first served. At that time, •• (younger sister) and

We promised that we would be born together.

20211221 Show the location of the police academy on the map.


Thai: say happyran (exciting place).


20211225 About my name: ittsuki

20211227a Thai: adwin (supplemented by "record": a strong police person. A man)

20211227b Thai: eksen (come home)

20211231 Thai: hawin (name of police academy)

20220101a Thai thief escaped to Japan. Because Japanese police cars are slower. I don't know how long ago. which one

How long ago? As much as I think. Since you brought it on the plane (Did you bring the thief?)

I had a plane.

20220101b Thai: pon tam ek (supplemented by 'record': repeats that I was pon [tam] ek), wat

(the name of the police academy), my name is ÿÿitsuki

20220101c pontam egg, that's what the police chief was called.

20220101d In the old days, where shields were sold, guns and swords were also sold, and thieves bought them (to fight back).

The police also began to carry shields, swords and guns.

Machine Translated by Google

20220101e A Japanese police officer came and tracked down (the bad guy) and caught him. (“What made you think of Japan?”)

In response to his mother's question, he insisted, "I don't think so. Did you really go to Japan?"). airplane when alive

Some traveled with There was a police with a sword only in Japan. Mom, did you live before? I don't know if you ask me

I don't know. Mom, I don't remember Mom used to live too. I was working with you. be in the same place

rice field. (In response to the mother's question, "Was your mother cute before?") She was kinder than my current mother. what

I don't know if you were working. (I don't seem to know the name.)



(Looking at the photo of Sawai Sawaisaneyagon) Natsuki and Sawai were Pon Ake. one

-- พลเอก ไสว ไสวแสนยากร (2447–2523)

We were captains together. (Pointing to a picture of Sawai Sawaiseanyagon) This person (name of country)

I wasn't with you when we decided on a name. Natsuki is the year of the ox Sawai is the year of the rat. Natsuki visits

The God who was standing was standing. Not sleeping or sitting.


It's a dog now, but it used to be an ox. Sawai Sayakon is the year of the rat. Mr. Adwin was born on the day before his own.


be. i was born on tuesday "(This year is 2022? Natsuki, are you living in the future? Even though it was a long time ago, 2022

yeah? ' he says strangely. I noticed you were talking about the Thai calendar, and when I showed you the numbers, it was around 2444.

Draw a line and say that it would be strange if the previous mother was born.

20220105a I had a ticket (license) to operate a helicopter. I used a helicopter when I was with the police. so empty army

I was told.

20220105b (said TMT and asked "What are you talking about?") In a dangerous kind. dangerous bomb. A bomb called TMT

There is a kind name. Throw it in and it'll be awesome. Burn only there, explode only there. explosion

Some TMTs don't. There are also non-flammable TMTs. It doesn't burn, but it leaves a hole. fly on the road

The guy flies away. Since it is buried under (the road), there will be holes. The strong one is "Bone"

It becomes I hated. If you kill too many people, the world will be destroyed. But to catch a thief,


-- TNT bomb?

20220105c Cambodia is next to Thailand and thieves have escaped there. I went there to catch him in a police car.

20220105d Thai: kupon (Temple name)

20220105e Being recruited into the military, bombs, the Air Force, etc.

20220105f I was told to join the army if I was that strong. He had 100 atomic bombs (?). atomic bomb

I had a lot of bullets. If you're that strong, I'll give you a lot. There is a place far from Thailand

Explosion. (Looking at the map) I took a helicopter from here to here and banged it (dropped the bomb

rice field). I don't know (which country) because I went to a lot of places. I put it in Japan. (centre

(pointing to the Philippines) So the people who were here, the army who were here died.

20220105g (Looking at photos of old police officers) I know this person. I don't remember the name. (see medal

T) This mark is Mr. Adwin's mark. It was worn by Adwin. (Looking at the police dog statue) Long ago

's police dog is really nice. Good from the beginning (no need to train?). •• (unknown) is also good,

It's early too.


I was told that I must never forget it so that I could tell the next mom that I was born on Tuesday.



Thai: diant (a statement that sounds like someone from another country)

-- เดี๊ยน?/ดิชั้น?(ดิฉัน)



When Natsuki was alive before, she [sic] was at war from birth. Thailand wanted to grow up. spread out


I was trying That's why I was at war. Japan was an enemy at first, but became an ally in the middle. Min

Machine Translated by Google

So, the Japanese army was called a hero hero. America was the enemy. flag? Which country's flag is Kumon

I remembered it in the restroom. So I knew what country it was. Thailand was attacking Asia.

20220113 They fought against Japan, but they became friends along the way and fought alongside them. They called the Japanese soldiers heroes.


In Natsuki's previous family, her older sister was an ambulance driver. My younger sister is a firefighter, and I chose that job because I can meet my older sister. my brother is a cop


inspector. But my brother didn't join the army. I became a police officer because I could meet Natsuki. baby is baby

Since I was born, I needed to buy things, so I had a Japanese soldier look after my house. The Thai army was weak. so elephant

decided to use someone said Natsuki also agreed. Germany also used elephants (India's

that? ).


Pitchaloo or Douanneun Year of the Ox, January was in my name.

-- Google translate: "Pitcharū ka douan'nun ushidoshi ka, 1 (ichi) tsuki ga jibun no namae ni haitte ita."

-- Vishnu???

-- เดือนหนึ่ง (duean nueng) = 1st month



I remembered that I made a mistake in counting Thailand. Natsuki's birthday is January 2, 2444. 

-- I looked at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thai_lunar_calendar
In the Thai lunar calendar
ขึ้น ๒ ค่ำ เดือนอ้าย(๑)  (The second day of the first month) is November 23, 2443 (1900) but it is still in the rat year (ปีชวด)
The Thai traditional new year day is April 1, so "
the second day of the first month" can be April 2. April 1, 2444 (1901) starts the ox year (ปีฉลู).

Natsuki is dead


It was the year of the dog.


He says his name is "Pijo (or Picha)~~ Itukii" (I can't remember the middle one).

-- The month "January" writes as 一月 or1月 (ichi-gatsu).  "The month of January" in English means 1月の月 (ichi-gatsu no tsuki).
I think his "Itukii" is "ichi-gatsu no tsuki" or his other word for "Douanneun."
So I think he repeat his "Pitchaloo or Douanneun" word.


20220116a (Looking at old police photos) This is a military and police hat. There are three types of police hats,

The rest are military.

20220116b (Looking at old police photos) Unless you go here, you won't know. 4 tire tracks or 6

tire track (I used to draw a picture of a track with six tires, but

found such a track). (Looking at the soldiers sitting) Japanese soldiers help me

where I'm bald. [Next is a picture of the cenotaph, the war brought love and bond together between the Thais

and Japanese soldiers. ]

20220116c (Old police photo, looking at weapons) This is a trap, a gimmick. (Point to the star mark on the hat.

t) This is the police (not the military). Identify with this mark.


Andko told me to become Bong Aeek.

-- พลเอก

record a


When people die, they go underground. I'm down like a frog's egg. And the person who wanted to be born

record b

goes up in the sky. Then choose mom. If you don't want to be born after all, go under the ground again.

Those who chose Mama but weren't able to enter her stomach go to the sky again.


Andoko is the 7th person. Seventh smartest person. A great person who became the 7th.




Germany (India?) also rode elephants. Natsuki also went to Germany. ex mom liked germany

treasure. His skin color was black. Ah, India! I also studied Indian language. inn with mom

I'm going to do Indians were allies of Thailand. Elephants strangle and trample their enemies with their trunks.



(Looking at pictures on the net) I know Pao Shannon. When Natsuki became a police officer, Pao Shannon was number one. There is a police officer who has been amazing in a year. 1st place in it. summer

-- พลตำรวจเอก เผ่า ศรียานนท์ (2453—2503) (Police General Phao Siyanon)

It also came in first place. I took a photo when I won first place, but when I was around 30, I lost my photo of Natsuki.

I found out that It's already burned, and when I retake it, other people say I'm cheating, so I'm sorry

Do it, that's all. Natsuki was so sad. I don't have a picture of Natsuki! Pao Shah Non was an asshole. someone who bullies the police. I hate it. dislike. I was always mean. (Playerworth

Look at the photo of the tape police major) This person is also a bully of police officers. This person (Look at the picture of Pao Si Jarnon and point. )

Machine Translated by Google


There was Mr. Adwin in the Jindai police. Jendai means "strong". thai burn


I forgot the sharp Thai word [meaning "mighty" in Thai ÿÿÿÿÿÿ ÿ


[Yìng hÿÿÿÿ ] means “jender

-- ยิ่งใหญ่ (ying yai)

sounds like 'i']. There was also Pong Eek and Roy. Most of the people in the military were Roy.

-- พลเอก, ร้อย



“Before I got into my mother's stomach, someone handed me a gift in a blue box with a ribbon attached.

I didn't have it, so I gave it to you. ”. I asked, "What is that?"

To. It disappeared when I was born," he replied.



(When North Korea's missile bulletin appeared on TV) Natsuki has to go to the Self-Defense Forces to collect the one that was shot. Mi

There is a thing like an excavator that recovers if you are shot like Cyle. It's been around for a long time. Even before Natsuki

there were. The missiles attached to the helicopter are arranged in a circle like the shape of a flower. A gun in the middle.


Natsuki told him not to lose the police. I need the police! What do you do when a thief comes


hand. Until then there were no police. Villagers were doing it instead. Natsuki's house is made of bamboo and

A wall like a tar. There were several rooms. About five.

20220224a Thai: abin (meaning unknown at this point). made of wood, hard and used for frying pans

rice field. A hard made one is called an abin.

20220224b It was hot, so everyone wore short sleeves. Only those with guns wear long sleeves.

20220224c Dropped a bomb from the sky from a helicopter. (Expressing the shape of the bomb by hand) It looks like a flower. missile strike

It's on the spot.



(News of Russia's invasion of Ukraine is frequent. When the sound of an airstrike is heard) Ah, run!

It's ringing Natsuki, helicopters, airplanes, whatever. Natsuki is selfish

did not attack The other side attacked me, so I attacked because I was killed. Natsuki swims before

I was learning I always practice in the pool, but I used to go to the river for tests. I used to be good at swimming

But now it's different.


In the old days, bamboo houses could not be broken apart even if they were hit with missiles or guns. as bent. Bamboo


The house was fine. The room was nicer. Helicopters can fly lower than planes. so use it

green. Airplanes have to fly high.


Seeing the news of Russia's invasion of Ukraine seemed to flood my memory, and I started making orders for the operation.


Kick. The other day, on a TV program about tourist spots in Thailand, I heard that the building was destroyed by the typhoon, and that building was over the water due to the typhoon.

rice field. He says he ate that (a monitor lizard). I used to dig up sea turtle eggs from the beach and eat them,

I was surprised to learn that sea turtles lay their eggs in the sand.

20220308a When Natsuki grows up, her [sic] friends become children, so now she's [sic] living in Thailand. I forgot the name. friend

There are still two of us. (It seems that a friend from Thailand has been reborn.)

20220308b (He tries his best to explain with gestures. Natsuki-kun has a clear image.

It looks like it's going to be. ) in a curve, used for bridges, straight straight, hidden on the side. hit straight

Don't let it drip. The previous airport and ship were big, so everyone was together. police and fire department

Skew had a place to train there. So it's easy to aim. (easy to target). so escape

I ended up in the airport. I was able to buy food and toys. Buy a toy when you run away

run away. Buy some food and run away. You can buy it because it is easy to escape. But there were two doors. here

And I'm going to pass another one, so if I go straight, I'll be here again. That's why it's easy to be targeted, but

It was easy to be targeted because it was slow to get out. But there was a toilet there, but the person in the toilet

There are two (toilets) in , this one is a normal toilet, and this one is for escaping quickly.

A hot spring (bath?) was also connected. That's why it's easy to be targeted, easy to escape, both. Butoo

Machine Translated by Google

You can buy sweets, there is an electric shop, and everything is there. It's so big. There are infinite minutes. shelter too

be. But the building is hard. But it's strong against magma, strong against volcanoes, but normally it's not like that. this

Do the same at home (current house). However, it was also used as a shelter because it is strong against volcanoes. all together

I'm waiting, but I'm defeated by guns and missiles. If you do everything you can do, you will lose.

If you get hit 100 times, you're already done. by the sea. There's a straight road here that planes can fly through.

rice field. There was also a playground like an amusement park. Bigger than the park. There's a fire station at that airport, and a police station.

be. The police and fire department were training there. It was hard with the fire department and the police. The car was stiff. Don't lose to magma

stomach. Fire department turn at police station. There was also a hospital. The police station also had a cell. It was about the size of a shop.

20220308c Thai: abin (part of kite, fluent abin) (cf. 20220224a)



(When I showed him the picture of the kite from Thailand that I sent him) I started talking. Do you have abin? When asked, "This is

Kites everywhere. A kite with abin attached is a rare kite, and it's a big kite for adults."


20220309 (Looking at a picture of a Thai kite) This kite does not have an abin.

20220313 (When I told him that the kite in the picture my mother showed me a few days ago was called "Chula kite") Adult kites are called fraf.

As I said before, this one is fraf and the smaller one is churaf. There was Curaf and fraf, but the meaning of their separation is

do not have. If it's not written, it doesn't make sense unless the names are different. (?) I bought it by mistake, but the money

I haven't put it out yet. We broke up because I made a mistake. Almost same size. (?)

20220323a Everyone called me gao (I don't know what it means, but it's a nickname)

20220323b I noticed everyone called me gao

20220323c The military shootout, the war, how I used to be rich, etc. I was born in the year of the ox. three 4s,

0 was born in one year. The day of the week is Tuesday (?) The god I was visiting was standing (not sleeping, sitting

not even). The story of an old mobile phone (camera?)



“In Thailand, if you have a baby, you should get a checkup if you have a small baby.

I have to go to a big hospital! ’ says. My grandmother, who lives in an old private house, wants to surprise Natsuki.

When I told him that the toilet used to be a botton toilet in the past, he said, "I know, I know!

It's going to be filled up here! It's deep. That's why~ There is a bar in front so that children don't fall.

Runen! Natsuki was scared, too." Conversely, she surprised her grandmother. Mother visits tourist spots in Thailand

When I showed him a photo of the pot on the web page I was introducing, he said, "It was excavated."

Talk (I checked it out and it was true). "I know how to fly a helicopter, but I want to fly a helicopter," he says.


In addition to the explanation in the video below, something like a license is called a "ticket." (formerly known as


Maybe. ) I don't understand Thai, but what about numbers and words with good and bad meanings?

Show your understanding.

0220409a (See image of Roy Crichton festival) Festival of the (dead) man in the sky. apart from God. god is on the island


--notes: Loy Krathong is a Thai festival celebrated annually throughout Thailand and in nearby countries with significant South Western Tai cultures. Wikipedia.

20220409b (Looking at the image of the Roy Crichton Festival) After I die, I can't (?) This is the river that leads to the sea,

If you let it flow, you will reach an island somewhere. There is a place where gods gather. A festival for that.

20220409c There was a delicious corn shop, and it was named corn-chan. It never changes(?)

--note: "Corn shop named Corn" looks like it is unrelated to Thailand. But what location is called "Corn Chan"?

Khlong Chan (Khlong Jan) (Bang Kapi, Bangkok)
Khon San (Chaiyaphum)
Khlong San (Bangkok)
Khlong Sam (Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani)
Khon Sawan (Chaiyaphum)
Nakhon Sawan province
Khao San road
Khao San (Ban Phue, Udon Thani)
Khlong Dan (Bang Bo, Samut Prakan)
Khlong Chanak (Mueang Surat Thani)
Khlong Chanuan (Wiang Sa, Surat Thani)
Khan Chong (Wat Bot, Phitsanulok)
Khlong Sam Wa (Bangkok)
Khlong Sam Prawet (Lat Krabang, Bangkok)
Khlong Chak Phra (Taling Chan, Bangkok)
Chom Sawan (Jom Sawan) (Mae Chan, Chiang Rai)
Khon Kaen province
Khong Chai (Kalasin)
See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tambon_in_Thailand_(K) 
More possible place names
Corns (sticky corns) at Nong Bua subdistrict, Ban Fang district, Khon Kaen? 

20220409d I may have lived in Olas (Laos?) before. When I grew up, I moved to Thailand. mom likes thailand

because it was I liked the shop called Corn-chan. moved into town. I forget the name of the city.

20220409e A person (soul) who catches something launched into the sky can be reborn. i caught

I was born because of it.

Machine Translated by Google



(Look at the pictures of Thai festivals) A building that stands in a grave for the dead. Don't let bad things happen

festival. There is a place where gods are gathering, which leads to the sea when it is washed away. It is difficult to discover where God lives. Daka

They are discharged into rivers leading to the sea. (In another photo) Festival of the one in the sky. who died by launching fire into the sky

festival. God and the dead are separate. If you catch the fire that launched into the sky, you will be reborn

I can.

20220509a There is a fish called "Tai" in Thailand.

-- notes: No. Japan has fish called "Tai Fish". I think there is no "Tai Fish" in Thailand.

20220509b Humans are reborn as humans. A fish can be born into a human, but it's difficult. let the machine pass your soul

I can't Cut the fish, remove the soul, and put it in the machine. Then you will be born as a human being

Become a capable soul.


Look at the picture book and talk about the fish you know in detail. About edible fish, non-edible fish, and how to eat fish


I will talk about it in detail. (Even though I live in a prefecture without a sea and have never been to the sea, I am very interested in fish and work hard.

speak to )


When my grandfather saw the pot of kamameshi and said, ``I used to cook rice over a fire like this,'' he said, ``That's all I know.


Listen to the story with a face like When I heard the story later, he said, “I ate like I was camping.

That's why I don't sleep in a tent, but I eat like a bonfire every day. put it in the bamboo

The bath was also made of bamboo. Make your own or buy. You can take a bath by connecting bamboo. However,

It breaks quickly. It's not that expensive, so I can buy it again soon, but it doesn't last long.

20220530 Connect bamboo into a circle and put rice in it to cook. There was something that connected bamboo to bamboo.


There were two ways of cooking rice. I used the water from the pond when I packed the bamboo. (I am losing my memory


It seems that he is aware of) Mikan-gumi (2-year-old class), I remembered a lot when I was younger. (mama

ni) I've been thinking about whether to say it or not, and I've reached the middle of the year. memories above the clouds

clearer. The memories that lived before become even more faint. When I went above the clouds, I had almost no memory of my previous life.

Become. (Now) I can only remember a little bit before I died. When you die, you become invisible for a while.

I can wander around, so if my mother gave birth to Natsuki at that time, she would be born with a lot of memories.

Can you get it? 'Cause I've gone above the clouds I mean, mama, when the next baby is born

I said I was born in Thailand, but I ended up in the countryside (?). It's different from what you said. (mother

His parents lived in the same town even in his past lives, and the police uniforms of people from Natsuki's past lives were collected at a cleaning shop.

It is said that he was going in and out of the station to collect. Clean the place where you don't have to clean that place

He is the one who does it. ) (Written in response to ``20220530's email and video'' about ``cooking rice in bamboo''

A video entitled Thai Street Vendor Sticky Rice in Bamboo sent by

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwJ0LTeZlSA) with great interest for 30 minutes to an hour. )



(Draw a picture of a past life laundry lady [current mother]) An apron with metal fittings on the back

I used to wear an apron, but it's different from the apron I wear now. He wore sandals on his feet. hair in the middle

(My mother has never grown my hair out since Natsuki was born). (draw a picture of the building)

9) The building where the captains gathered when the country's name was decided to be "Thailand". There is a ladder outside to go to the rooftop

There was a space on the right side where the helicopter could stop.



His past birth date was January 2, 2444 (AD 1901, Meiji 34). A little more mouse

It was (year). (cf. 20220104 email)

Machine Translated by Google

20220730a Looking for a person who wants to be born, enter the stomach quickly. (I forgot the details) Everyone looking for a mom

do. I also searched for my current mom. Look through the window from above the sky. I'm watching when you're out to choose

was neither late nor early. If you choose the same mom, first come first served. 5 people competed.

20220730b After the war was over, I went back to work as a police officer and went to catch [a thief] in a police boat, and he fell into the river.

died. Other police officers were present at the time of his death. (He doesn't seem to know why he fell.) It was noon. death

After that, go down (below the ground) at first, and if you stay there for a long time, go above the clouds.


It's summer in Thailand. I remember that. I don't remember if there was a winter. don't know. summer


I used to be a police officer, so I used to go to the river to help people. Some people were in danger. under the bridge

N... Get off the bridge and enter! Is it dangerous? You can enter naked and wearing only a swimsuit! help that person

I remember summer because I used to go to school. Some people went to the pool at night. I went to catch him.


In my past life, my mom wore an apron at the dry cleaners. He wore sandals on his feet. police officer


I was piloting a helicopter. He was called Ponake (?) and was called "Gao", which is not his real name.

20221008a I almost forgot about Thailand in the sky. I totally forgot about Thailand.

20221008b (Looking at the picture of rice on bamboo net in Thailand) Daddy used to be here. It takes time to stuff bamboo

So when you don't have time, go here.

20221008c (In a past life) Mom was cleaning and wore clothes that she didn't mind getting dirty. mama is the city of thailand

Said he wanted to live in I liked the city, but my mother in a past life decided to move to the countryside.


I am afraid of the river. I wish the river was small, but I don't like big rivers. Unwilling to go. Died in the river! I hate the sea


Hey, is sea water salty? That's no good. I want to go to the beach (I've been to the sea



Large creatures like giraffes and elephants are few in number, so they have to be born quickly. lived before


Sometimes there were a lot of ants and spiders. There weren't many centipedes. Centipedes don't come out when it's too hot

reactor? There were a few, but not many. I feel warm all the time. There was summer, but there was winter

I don't remember if it was. I think I wore half sleeves all the time.


I was told to be born early by someone like an old man in the sky. That person is a ghost just like everyone else.

record a

A person who has the shape of a ke (soul), but is always above the sky. (I) was told to start over, but what

I'm going to redo it. It's like being born again. Why are you doing this?


The war started with large countries, then spread to medium and small countries. Because big countries quit war

record b

War is over.

Acknowledgments This study has been approved by the ethics review committee of Chubu University

(approval number 20220002, "Survey on the actual situation of children who talk about prenatal

memories"). We would like to thank Tsutomu Itakura, Kiat Chanyavilas, James Matlock, Usa Wongsangkul,

and especially Natsuki and his mother, Aya, for their cooperation.


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Rei Kokubu / Rei Kokubun
Kokubu Rei / Kokubun Rei





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15 ธ.ค. 2019


The introduction has been lengthened, but I'm posting it on Twitter to see the traces of my move to 2019 in 2058. For the time being, I plan to stay from December 8, 2019 to September 29, 2020.





28 ก.ย.



This is the last call. Thank you very much.

I guarantee that the future of Japan is bright. Then everyone is safe!




28 ก.ย.



It's all night today. We have less than 18 hours left to return.

The reunion with you will be 13 years later. Thank you very much for your help.




26 ก.ย.





Q. Will artificial intelligence singularity come?

I'm coming. The impression is that it happened when I noticed it.

Through that, the meaning of studying and the reason for working are changing.

In the future, the ideological movement to counter artificial intelligence has begun with the collective intelligence (sharing of thoughts) of humankind.




26 ก.ย.



This movement is based on the belief that "the result of humankind's collective wisdom can always produce better results than artificial intelligence."

The invention of the Internet and SNS by humankind is the only means to counter this artificial intelligence. So don't give up.




24 ก.ย.




Q. I want to know about the trend of real estate

Suburban and rural real estate is popular as a result of the increasing number of people who do not travel in their daily lives due to the spread of telework and autonomous driving.

On the other hand, in the city center, tower condominiums, which reached the construction rush in the 2010s, have become a social problem. This is due to the soaring cost of maintenance and repair.




23 ก.ย.



This is an aside, but future people are under the jurisdiction of the Ground Self-Defense Force, not the police or public security.

There are many amazing stories that I don't even know.




23 ก.ย.



Q. Surprisingly, save this in the future! Is there something like that?

It is a stamp. Even now, stamps from the Meiji and Taisho eras are traded at high prices, but stamps themselves are rare in my time.




22 ก.ย.




Q. Will history change if we reveal the future?

I don't know the principle, but history seems to have a self-cleaning effect. If you compare the flow of space-time to a river, it is like drawing a small vortex with twigs there.

I also tried various things due to the event, but it didn't work. This is my loss.




21 ก.ย.





Q. Will "glitter names" become mainstream?


As a result of the fact that the names of people who lived in the past are continuously recorded in the search engine, the phenomenon that people with the same surname and the same name are flooded on the Internet is occurring in the future.

This tendency becomes more pronounced as more people work without belonging to an organization.




21 ก.ย.




Q. Is there a burning uproar in the future? ??

When I was a teenager (around 2051), there was a member of parliament who resigned due to discriminatory remarks on SNS.

In particular, people born after 2000 live in an era in which their remarks are monitored until they die, and their behavior is required to be consistent from beginning to end.




18 ก.ย.




Q. Will the gap disappear in the future?

It's a little serious. In the future, the fixation of social stratification through "educational marriage" will be a problem.

As a result of marrying a college graduate woman to a college graduate man and a high school graduate woman to a high school graduate man, household income directly affects the educational background of the child. It can be said that this is a harmful effect that has been discovered half a century after double-income work became common.




18 ก.ย.




Q. Please tell us about Japan's nuclear policy.

In 2051, the last nuclear power plant in Japan (Tomari Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 in Hokkaido) will be shut down.

Fukushima's dismantling record has been highly evaluated from overseas, and the decommissioning technology of nuclear power plants, which is said to be the safest in the world, has become an export industry that Japan is proud of.




15 ก.ย.




Q. What kind of play is popular in the future?

There is a search engine function (time surfing) that reproduces the search results of your favorite time in the past.

It is a pseudo time machine only in the Internet. The elderly are quite addicted to it.

Notes : 

I think this is the second time R. Kokubun talked about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayback_Machine




14 ก.ย.




Q. How do you work in the big companies of the future?

Companies other than managers generally have a 50-year-old retirement age system, and most of them have a re-employment system (up to 80 years old).

Basically, non-managerial positions are allowed as side jobs, and there are cases where the side jobs are also adopted for each project rather than for the whole year.




14 ก.ย.

Q. 日本の世界遺産は増えましたか??

無形文化遺産であれば、私が知る限りでは「茶道」「華道」「堺 鍛冶屋」が増えています。他にもあったはずですが正直うろ覚えです。ごめんなさい。

Q. Has Japan's World Heritage Sites increased? ??

As far as I know, the number of "tea ceremony", "flower arrangement" and "Sakai blacksmith" is increasing if it is an intangible cultural heritage. There must have been others, but I honestly remember it. I'm sorry.




14 ก.ย.




Q. Please tell us about Thailand in the future.

This is a very common question. In the future, it will be a hopeful country where it doesn't matter whether you wear red clothes on Sunday or yellow clothes on Monday.

Please come to Japan when the corona is over. I support you.

Notes : I am a Thai man. This is not a prediction at all. I think this looks like Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum.




13 ก.ย.


税込 259円(通常サイズ)です。今より少し高いかも。

Q. What is the price of cup ramen in 2058? !!

It is 259 yen including tax (normal size). It may be a little higher than it is now.




13 ก.ย.

Q. YouTuberでこの先成功する秘訣を教えて

2039年に中国の体制変化によるGreat Firewallの崩壊に伴い、中国の約14億人がYouTubeを閲覧するようになります。


Q. What are the secrets to success on YouTuber?

With the collapse of the Great Firewall in 2039, about 1.4 billion people in China will be browsing YouTube.

The recognition in China at that time made the difference between the light and dark of Japanese YouTuber. The person who took the initiative is the Japanese who became famous on Chinese SNS.




12 ก.ย.

Q. 中国がいつから華国になる?






12 ก.ย.





Q. Tell us about the future military

The importance of airspace outside the atmosphere is increasing worldwide, and disarmament is progressing on land and sea.

In addition, an electromagnetic pulse attack from the airspace that is premised on non-destructive and non-killing is a threat.

In the 2030s, China lags behind the United States in its space strategy,




10 ก.ย.





Q. Please tell us about the unsolved cases as of 2058.

In 2031, when digital yen and old banknotes were used in parallel, the largest counterfeit bill distribution incident after the war (6.5 billion yen) occurred.

It was a method of calling out that the scarcity value of old banknotes would increase and exchanging them for digital yen.

Especially the young people who were rare about old banknotes were targeted.




10 ก.ย.





Q. What is happening to the Japanese aviation industry?

There was a government-led industry reorganization, but the face remains the same.

However, for political reasons, major airlines operate separate companies for flights to Taiwan and Mainland China.

In addition, US airlines operate on some domestic routes in Japan.




10 ก.ย.



Q. Please tell us the big news in Japan in the future.

A huge offshore oil field is discovered off the coast of Fukushima and Sanriku. It is said that the relationship between the world and Japan would have been upset if it could be found 50 years earlier.




9 ก.ย.












105,207 โหวต·ผลลัพธ์สุดท้าย

Q. Mr. Kokubun has many followers, so please take a questionnaire about the next president.

I understand.

Who do you think is suitable for the next LDP president?

    Fumio Kishida    17.1%

    Taro Kono    55.6%

    Sanae Takaichi    21.7%

    Seiko Noda    5.5%

105,207 votes




8 ก.ย.





Q. Will cannabis be legalized in Japan in the future?

Luxury items will be gradually legalized from the 2040s under the strict control of the government.

This is aimed at the complete eradication and tax revenue of the government's (non-cannabis) illegal drug market.

By the way, it can only be purchased from a special corporation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance. It feels like an old exclusive public corporation.




7 ก.ย.



その後、2045年までの達成を目指して持続可能な開発義務(Sustainable Development Obligations)がジュネーブで定められることになります。

Q. Will the SDGs be achieved by 2030?

Unfortunately, it was not a situation that could be said to be achieved. Climate change and human rights awareness, especially in some countries, have worsened.

After that, Sustainable Development Obligations will be established in Geneva with the aim of achieving it by 2045.




6 ก.ย.



Q. Where is Rei Kokubun now?

After completing my mission in the Tohoku region, I am currently heading to Kansai as planned.




5 ก.ย.



Q. Have you decided whether the Yamatai Kyushu controversy will be the Kinai theory or the Kyushu theory?

When I was a high school student, the Kinai theory was almost decisive. Apparently, there is a luck in this country where a female leader appears from Nara.




5 ก.ย.





4 ก.ย.





Q. What should I prepare for space colonization?

In 2024, a US businessman will make a mass transfer of cryptocurrencies from Earth to a spacecraft on Mars.

Even if we are wealthy on Earth, neither gold nuggets nor real estate can be brought into outer space.

Establishing a way to preserve human wealth in space is the key to space colonization.




4 ก.ย.






Q. What can you do to prepare for future disasters?

In 2058, it is common to prepare for a “compound disaster”.

What if a typhoon + a huge earthquake or an infectious disease + a large-scale power outage hit at the same time?

It may be better to argue that.

If you think this is a warning from future people.




3 ก.ย.




Q. Save this in the future! Is there something like that?

A new unopened cloth mask distributed by the government to all households in April 2020 became a hot topic when it was sold for 100,000 yen at an online auction of this era.

There is an anecdote that "at that time, I was actually giving out 100,000 yen twice."




2 ก.ย.

Q. YouTubeやTikTokの次に流行る動画サービスは何ですか?



Q. What is the next most popular video service after YouTube and TikTok?

It's bilibili. With the intention of the United States, advertising regulations have become stricter, and the number of users will increase explosively, mainly in the α generation, by replacing YouTube, which has limited video content.

By the way, Japanese is not supported in modern times.




2 ก.ย.




Q. Is there any difference between the toilet of the future and the toilet of the present?

For home use, it is possible to detect the health condition through excrement and automatically notify the family doctor.

By the way, in 2058, illegal drug detection type public toilets will be installed in Shibuya and Shinjuku with the budget of Tokyo.




2 ก.ย.




Q. Will infectious diseases like coronavirus continue to occur? ??

SARS-CoV-3 (COVID-32) with pigs as an intermediate host will be confirmed in the mid-2030s. However, this is being dealt with relatively early.

The damage was minimized because Japan also reorganized ministries and agencies as a lesson from Corona and vertically integrated measures against infectious diseases.




31 ส.ค.



Q. In our time, shooting iron is a problem, but what will happen in the future?

Due to the revision of the Railway Business Law, photography from the station premises of railway vehicles is now permitted by prior application. This is based on the lessons learned from the group fall accident of photographers in Nagoya.




31 ส.ค.




Q. Isn't it a sin to talk about the future?

In 2015, the drone crashed into the Prime Minister's Office, but for the first time in that case, the government embarked on amendments to the Aviation Law and enactment of the Drone Control Law.

Whenever new concepts and technologies emerge, legislation is enforced after problems arise. I may be one of them.

 Notes : 





31 ส.ค.




Q. Will basic income be realized in the future?

In 2027, it will be realized with only digital yen, albeit a small amount. Benefits are linked to My Number, and the portion not used every six months is automatically returned.

However, its effectiveness is being debated because it is not a mechanism to increase the amount of benefits in response to rising prices.




30 ส.ค.



Postscript: "People who came into contact with Gensai Murai" "People who came into contact with Herbert George Wells" "Guru of religion in Kameoka City" "The theory of escaping from the Hozu River to Arashiyama and Katsura" "Recorded in 1917 photos There was a lot of information provided, such as "The person who was done". Thank you very much.



 · 29 ส.ค.




Q. Are you the only time traveler?

Wrong. In 2056, there was a researcher who disappeared from an experimental facility in Kameoka, Kyoto. Actually, that person is Time Traveler No. 1.

Later investigations reported that it had moved between 1895 and 1897, but its whereabouts are unknown. If you have any clues, please let me know.





27 ส.ค.




Q. Please tell us about the social problems that will arise in the future.

A social problem is the loss of records of events in the 2020s that were not recorded on paper due to broken links in articles that were recorded only on net news.

This problem, also known as "human memory loss," was the catalyst for the later re-evaluation of paper media.

 Notes : I think R. Kokubun talked about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wayback_Machine




27 ส.ค.




Q. Will digital signage become widespread in the future?

It is popular. Just put your own OS device in your pocket and you can freely operate the screen in the city.

However, it is not possible to make private content look big in the city, and devices equivalent to smartphones will remain in 2058.




27 ส.ค.





Q. Please tell us about the relationship between India and China in 2058.

Relations between China and India have become extremely poor both economically and militarily.

Even though democratization has been achieved in substance, world hegemony by the Chinese economic zone has become a spiritual pillar of China.

Especially in the Straits of Malacca, there are conflicts over the interests of space elevators.




25 ส.ค.




Q. Are there any environmental problems that are a problem in Japan?

The "vacant solar" problem, which is not the "vacant house" problem, becomes more serious.

Especially in local cities, the dismantling work of solar power generation facilities whose business activities have stopped is not carried out, and there are many cases where they continue to remain as garbage on the land.




25 ส.ค.




Q. Has there been any change in your working style?

There is a childcare leave system (job seekers who have been married or have taken childcare leave are treated as new graduates). In particular, the number of women who find employment for the first time after getting married or giving birth during college or junior college is increasing.

However, I have the impression that it was quite a dispute until the establishment of this system.




25 ส.ค.


Since this system was established, it has become possible for women to continue working at the same company until near retirement age without quitting their jobs due to childbirth or childcare. By the way, this system was introduced by the first Japanese female Prime Minister.




25 ส.ค.



Q. Are there any occupations in your job hunting activities in 2058 that are not available in this era?

There are almost no general jobs, so-called clerical jobs. This is not a negative meaning, but it is because the labor shortage due to the declining birthrate will become more serious and the automation of operations will be expanded.




24 ส.ค.





Q. Is it true that fake videos will be flooded and young people will leave the videos?

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding.

Strictly speaking, the value of LIVE video, which cannot be tampered with, will increase dramatically from now on.

I think YouTube in this era is already becoming that way.




23 ส.ค.




Q. Please tell us about the railway network in Kansai in 2058.

Hankyu's Shin-Osaka Station, Nankai Abeno Station and Naniwasuji Subway Line have increased.

Also, Kintetsu was planning a new line for the opening of Linear Shin-Kizu Station. Linear has not yet opened to Osaka.




23 ส.ค.



Supplement. There has been a long-standing political debate over whether the Linear Shinkansen will go through the original Nara prefecture or Kyoto station, which the business community wants.

As a final compromise, we landed by setting up Kizugawa Station in Kizugawa City, Kyoto Prefecture, near the border of Nara Prefecture.




22 ส.ค.



Q. Please tell us about the effects of global warming.

The environment in which crops can be grown changes. To put it simply, the areas where rice can be grown are quite limited in western Japan.




22 ส.ค.



Q. You have a terrible buzz!

Flashy icons, glittering images, strong tones and empathy will no longer be needed on SNS in the future.




21 ส.ค.




Q. Has Japan become a permanent member of the United Nations?

It became a permanent member of the Security Council in the milestone year of 2045 from the end of the war.




21 ส.ค.



Q. Are there any foods that will not be eaten in the future?

I have. These are asari, scallops, and oysters. In 2058, it will be difficult to obtain non-toxic shellfish, making it an ultra-luxury food.




21 ส.ค.


December 8, 2019 will be a historic date in the future.



 · 15 ธ.ค. 2019


The introduction has been lengthened, but I'm posting it on Twitter to see the traces of my move to 2019 in 2058. For the time being, I plan to stay from December 8, 2019 to September 29, 2020.




20 ส.ค.




Q. On the contrary, is there anything you would like to convey to the elderly?

I would like you to understand that the one-year self-restraint experienced by teens and the one-year experience of those who have lived up to the age of 70 have no weight or hopelessness.

This story was actively discussed in Japan after the Corona disaster. They are also called the "Youth Lost Generation".




19 ส.ค.



Q. It is said that a "space elevator" will be built by 2050, is that true?

Although not completed, there is a construction plan in Singapore near the equator. Japanese general contractors are also involved.




19 ส.ค.




Q. What was impressive about the Tokachi earthquake?

Was the government ready for a rescue and evacuation plan in the event of a heavy snowfall? That is the point of view.

This discussion was delayed because the Great East Japan Earthquake was not a disaster in the middle of winter.




19 ส.ค.


発生日 令和6年1月10日(水)

震源地 十勝沖深さ35km

最大震度 7(帯広、釧路、広尾町など)

マグニチュード 8.2

津波観測 有(高さ3.0〜5.0m)

Q. Please tell me the details of the Tokachi-oki earthquake.

Date of occurrence January 10, Reiwa 6 (Wednesday)

Epicenter off Tokachi 35km deep

Maximum seismic intensity 7 (Obihiro, Kushiro, Hiroo Town, etc.)

Magnitude 8.2

Tsunami observation Yes (height 3.0-5.0m)




19 ส.ค.



Q. What surprised you when you came here?

The textbook interpretation of history and the actual scene were quite different.




18 ส.ค.



Q. I want to be a YouTuber now, but as my parents told me, I'm wondering if I can get a job at a big company.

The Supreme Court has ruled that the dismissal is unreasonable in a lawsuit against the dismissal of a famous TikToker for not complying with the account suspension from the company where he got a job. However, this is a story 10 years later, so for reference only.




18 ส.ค.



Q. What do you think about Mr. Son Kokubun?

I'm not sure about that person, but I don't think he's involved.




18 ส.ค.



Q. What is the percentage of Japanese consumption tax in 2058?

The consumption tax is 18%. However, daily necessities are 15%.




17 ส.ค.




Q. Please tell us about the future movement of the United States.

The US military will withdraw from the Middle East, such as Iran and Afghanistan, which use oil as a resource, and will focus on deterring China's activities in the Pacific Ocean.

Please think that it is the preparation that the developed countries of the world are moving to de-oil and decarbonize.




17 ส.ค.

Q. これからの日本と中国、ロシアの関係を教えてほしい。



Q. Please tell us about the future relationship between Japan, China and Russia.

China will soften its attitude towards Japan after Russia has completed the Northern Sea Route. This is because Chinese ships must pass through the Tsugaru Straits of Japan in order to reach Europe in the shortest time without going through the Suez Canal.

Japan-Russia relations will also improve dramatically through our strategy for China.




17 ส.ค.





Q. Why did you choose Twitter as your calling method?

This is because the reliability of type will be re-evaluated in the 2020s.

In this era, photo and video SNS such as TikTok and Instagram are popular, but

With the development of editing technology and the flood of fake videos by artificial intelligence, young people are beginning to move away from videos.




17 ส.ค.




Q. Is there anything you would like to convey to the young people (teens) today?

I'm young in my generation, so I don't think I'm in a great position, but the younger you are, the better you should refrain from spreading the infection.

My parents are just that generation, but they all regret it.




16 ส.ค.



Q. Was there a record volcanic eruption until 2058?

I have. Tokachidake and Izu Oshima.




16 ส.ค.



Q. Is there anything that you missed in this era?

I missed the PET bottle. The rest is a taxi.




16 ส.ค.




Q. I would like to know about future LGBT and same-sex marriage.

Same-sex marriage has not yet been accepted in Japan, but LGBT has become a fairly widely accepted value in society.

The GSM Agency will be established in 2030. This will evolve from the LGBT Policy Promotion Council of the Cabinet Office at that time.




16 ส.ค.



Q. Are there any Japanese cities that are more prosperous or vice versa?

Notable developments are in Fukuoka, Sapporo and Nagoya. On the contrary, Kobe and Chiba are losing momentum.




15 ส.ค.




Q. Please tell us about the railway network in the metropolitan area.

I'm not very familiar with railways, but if I write the difference from now, I'd like to say that Linear opened in Shinagawa and Tokyu Line runs in Shin-Yokohama.

You can use the JR line to Haneda Airport. The Tokyo subway also extends to Saitama.




15 ส.ค.




Q. Will the Northern Territories issue be solved in the future?

Not resolved. Russia has advanced the development of the Kuril Islands and the Northern Territories, opening the Northern Sea Route to Europe, which is the shortest route from the Suez Canal. This is a by-product of climate change.

Japan has actually given up on the return of the Northern Territories, but has made great profits by advancing the development of Tomakomai.




15 ส.ค.



Q. Will the existence of aliens and extraterrestrial life be confirmed by 2058?

Confirmed in the solar system. Certainly discovered from either Jupiter or Saturn satellites. Sorry for the vague answer. But it's not so far in the future.




15 ส.ค.



Q. Is there anything that you think is Reiwa-like in this era?

I have. Wi-Fi router or wired LAN. I knew this from my knowledge, but when I saw it, it was retro. By the way, in Manji, you can communicate only with the power supply of the outlet.




15 ส.ค.




Q. What about future banks?

Banks do not have physical stores as they do today. After the introduction of the digital yen, everything is completed online.

Many regional banks have managed to be maintained with the help of the Bank of Japan and the Financial Services Agency at that time. With the entry of foreign capital such as Google, the momentum of Mega Bank is not as strong as it used to be.




15 ส.ค.




Q. What if I can't go back to the future?

Emergency measures (Plan B) in case of failure to return to the future are assumed in advance.

In that case, I plan to live in this world until 2058 and inform the development members of Time Machine. 2019 is set as the time when it can be achieved.




14 ส.ค.



Q. Which country will have economic power in 2058?

If you look at GDP alone, China is the top by a small margin. Second place is the United States, India, Germany and Japan. India is the top in terms of growth rate alone.




14 ส.ค.



Q. Who is the Prime Minister of 2058?

This is Mr. Nakasone.




12 ส.ค.

Q. 未来のコンビニ業界について教えてほしい



Q. Please tell us about the future convenience store industry.

The appearance of the stores is not much different from the current one, but the stores are almost unmanned except in urban areas.

There is a system where you can order from your smartphone and have it delivered to your home, so it is overwhelmingly more common to use that system.




12 ส.ค.



Q. Please tell me the result of the Emperor's Award.

I'm sorry, I can't answer because I didn't bother to remember the results of past horse racing. Lol




12 ส.ค.



Q. Please tell me the future of this country.

GDP is the 5th largest in the world (overtaken by Germany and India) and has a population of 86 million. The big event was the decline of the automobile industry, and on the contrary, the decarbonization efforts and the high-tech agriculture, forestry and fisheries will be noticed from all over the world.




12 ส.ค.



Q. Is the vaccine safe?

From my time, I haven't heard any noticeable stories (whether or not I have received them). If you think that inoculation is personal freedom.




12 ส.ค.



Q. What is the price of Bitcoin in 2058?

If I remember correctly, 1 BTC = about 780 million yen. In my time, transactions are only for sale and new purchases are not possible.




12 ส.ค.






12 ส.ค.



Q. Has a flying car been put into practical use?

Flying cars have been put to practical use. However, its use is limited to emergency vehicles and logistics in rural and remote islands.




11 ส.ค.




Q. What is happening in the automobile industry?

All of them have become electric cars. In 2058, Toyota and Honda are the only domestic cars.

Nissan remained a brand only in Europe, but Mazda, Subaru and Mitsubishi Motors did not survive the wave of electrification.

 Notes : An another R. Kokubun is featured in the Gran Turismo 7 game as one of the rival characters. In the game, he is a Mazda fan. That R. Kokubun is not this R. Kokubun. They are different persons with the same initial and surname. But imagine, if they are the same person, I understand...

I strongly believe that this prediction (or this guess) is totally wrong. There are some countries that will not ban the productions and the sales of new fuel cars in the future (not ban them until the year 2100 or year 2200, or 2300, 2400, 2500, etc, or no any bans at all but purely let the market mechanisms work). The internal combustion engine cars will not extinct. The special fuel-cars must be preserved. After year 2100, maybe 3 September 2112, the climate change problems will be solved, I think fuel cars with no long-time recharging will come back to popular again.

Thailand's 2035 plan (to ban the productions and the sales of new fuel cars) must not be effective. If Thai government use it, people will anti it.




11 ส.ค.





Q. Why didn't you predict Corona?

I am prophesying. That means the date.

December 8, 2019, the date I came to this era, was the first time a health agency in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China reported an unexplained pneumonia patient.




 · 15 ธ.ค. 2019


The introduction has been lengthened, but I'm posting it on Twitter to see the traces of my move to 2019 in 2058. For the time being, I plan to stay from December 8, 2019 to September 29, 2020.




11 ส.ค.




 Q. Are there any future eruptions of Mt. Fuji or Nankai Trough earthquakes?

There is none. There are records of a wide-area earthquake of the "Tokachi-oki Earthquake of 6th Reiwa" in January 2024 and an earthquake directly beneath the city of the "Okinawa Earthquake of 19th Reiwa" of January 2037.

In particular, the latter was a tragic event in which an aftershock occurred in August of the same year and a typhoon attack occurred at the same time, and it was also an opportunity to review the Building Standards Act.




11 ส.ค.



Q. Who are the development members?

The development members are 13 volunteers from graduate students in Japan and China. From 2019 to 2058, I was selected as a development fund remittance clerk on the condition that my parents' home has not moved and I know my father's life account.




11 ส.ค.



Q. Is Manji the next era?

That's right. This is the next era name of Reiwa. It is called "Bani".




10 ส.ค.




Q. What will happen to the iPhone in the future?

In 2058, there will be a device equivalent to the iPhone series. The thickness is 2mm and it feels like a credit card.

Unlike now, you don't need a wallet in this era, so it's fashionable to put it in a pass case.




10 ส.ค.

Q. あなたの生きていた世界では中国はどうなっていましたか?






10 ส.ค.






"world hegemony by Chinese companies."

These were strongly led by pro-American businessmen based in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

  Notes : With the Shenzhen and Shanghai keywords, it is a very wide guess. It is not specific enough. There are many companies. 

There are some car/EV companies based in Shenzhen or Shanghai. 









10 ส.ค.






10 ส.ค.






10 ส.ค.


It will be long if I write it out, so I will write it again next time.




9 ส.ค.



Q. When will Corona end?

A declaration of termination will be issued in September 2024.




9 ส.ค.




Q. Please tell us about raising development funds.

In 2058, we solicited a loan of about 350 billion yen on the deep web for development funds.

After moving in December 2019, I plan to purchase about 1400 ETH using my father's account, bury the hard wallet in my parents' yard and dig it up in 2058.




9 ส.ค.




I had a question in DM.

Q. What was your intention in this world?

In this era, I came to repay the time machine development funds to the original era of 2058. I am one of my fellow developers and has been elected by that member to be appropriate for a remittance mission.




9 ส.ค.


I returned to Twitter for the first time in a year.




9 ส.ค.


I will try to get it back again. The last chance is September 28, 2021. Please be safe.




30 ก.ย. 2020


Damn ... I couldn't go back. .. It's dangerous. ..




30 ส.ค. 2020


We are planning to return to the original time on September 28th of this year. Please let me know if you have any questions.




9 เม.ย. 2020


Even though it was 38 years ago, it's a historic moment now.




9 เม.ย. 2020


I'm sorry, I don't have any medical knowledge, so please don't ask any questions.




9 เม.ย. 2020


The Tokyo Olympics will be held properly on July 23, 2021. So it's hard now, but don't worry.




9 มี.ค. 2020


By the way, I was born in 2034. It is strange that he was not born in this era yet.




18 ก.พ. 2020


Prime Minister Abe will resign in 2020. I wonder if I wrote it before.




15 ธ.ค. 2019


By the way, Kawasaki Frontale will win the J1 in 2020. It feels like it's happening again.




15 ธ.ค. 2019


The successor to Prime Minister Abe was Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga at that time.




15 ธ.ค. 2019


Prime Minister Abe will resign in September 2020.




15 ธ.ค. 2019


I am a graduate student in the Faculty of Engineering at a national university in Tokyo. My major is architecture. I came from 2058 (6 years) using a space-time transfer device with the help of a friend. Thank you.




15 ธ.ค. 2019




The introduction has been lengthened, but I'm posting it on Twitter to see the traces of my move to 2019 in 2058. For the time being, I plan to stay from December 8, 2019 to September 29, 2020.




15 ธ.ค. 2019


The Nikkei Stock Average will plummet in March 2020. Only those who believe will be saved.




15 ธ.ค. 2019


The Yomiuri Giants will win the 2020 Central League.




15 ธ.ค. 2019


Japan won 27 gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics.