29 February 2024

2024 World Car Awards: Top Three In The World Finalists



2024 World Car of the Year. The top three is from Volvo, Kia and BYD. None of these three brands are featured in Gran Turismo 7 !!! Who is a joke? Is 2024 World Car of the Year a joke to you? or Is Gran Turismo 7 a joke to you?



Gran Turismo 7 is a joke to me for sure. ("All Asian circuits are in Japan" is a joke to me too. What is Marina Bay Street Circuit? (It is Singapore's F1 circuit.) What is Sepang? What is Shanghai? What is Buriram? What is Yas Marina? What is Buddh International Circuit? What about Hong Kong and/or Seoul Central in Gran Turismo 4 ?? And many more.)

If the WCOTY 2024 winner is the unexpected BYD Seal, both are jokes to me.

If the WCOTY 2024 winner is Volvo or Kia, it is normal, THIS IS NOT A JOKE, only GT7 is a joke to me.

28 February 2024

Ethiopia bans importation of non-electric private cars






Ethiopia bans (importation of) fuel cars too suddenly, I think, that sounds dictatorial to me. Norwegian moves are much better for me.

I'm not sure if anti-EV extremists around the world will oppose or boycott Ethiopia for enacting the love-EV policy.




Look at my home, Thailand. Srettha said he wants Thailand serve as a "last centre" of ICE production before the technology is phased out.

In this topic, I strongly agree with him. Thailand will be, and should be, the "last center" of fuel car production and fuel car lovers. (I mostly preferred to write American English words, except some words such as "tyre".)
There are many fuel car lovers (and many EV-haters) here.

(I am a Srettha voter and a Pheu Thai voter. I vote them despite I know my far-right mom hate them so much. I don't like the far-rights. I don't like my far-right mom's talk topics. I think that I didn't vote "that too-left party" is enough. I think Pheu Thai is center, center-right, or center-left, depends on topics. So I believe it is an acceptable choice for Thais, except the far-rights. Unfortunately, the far-right Thais are too many people.) 

China's Off-Road SUV Threatens Land Rover Defender

Plain Jane I Took to a Scavenger Hunt Turned Hot and Now Claims She's My GF!

[Manga Dub] A beautiful woman started flirting at my house [RomCom]

26 February 2024

Gene - You'll Never Walk Again

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sZuWV8Hedmk ทุกคนตกใจ นึกว่า Zendaya นางเอกสไปเดอร์แมน เคยเล่นหนังไทย ซูมมาซูมไป...นี่มันใช่เลย





A meme called Zendaya Acting in a Thai Movie.

She's definitely not Zendaya.

She is Tuck Siriporn.

แอคชันสุดมันส์ ที่ไม่ว่าใครก็ต้องซี๊ด : จั๊กกะแหล๋น





A meme called Zendaya Acting in a Thai Movie.

She's definitely not Zendaya.

She is Tuck Siriporn.

BYD buys back stock after investors spooked by 'blood bath' in China

BYD: Killing Petrol cars with Cheap EVs | Japan in trouble

This Beekeeper is Feared by the CIA | Movie Recap

LondonTing & DNY - Dance all night


DNY - Europascape

DNY - Don't send flowers to my grave, send them to me when I am alive

Potential cancer-causing chemicals found in instant noodles

Is it AIS? Is it true? But now I don't afraid with this kind of news. Everything In The World Cause Cancers.

22 February 2024

Famous Chinese EV brand stops making cars and fires nearly all staff

h0ngcom think HiPhi should make right hand drive version and enter Thailand. But it doesn't. Now it is too late. It's Over. DJ PKM & Oskar T.T feat. Ewa Bincyzk. NCN Release.

Hozon = 12777, Human Horizons = 0

BYD's CEO says it is GAME OVER for ICE and legacy car makers this year

18 February 2024

GRIP Anime Series, S1 Episode 1 | Circuit Breakers | Toyota

Toyota is doing a right thing! It is something that Chinese car companies can't do. Or if they can do, it will never be famous. 

As far as I know, Chinese cars and Chinese buses have never existed in Japanese-style cartoons, especially Japanese-made cartoons.

"The old legends" are still very common in many entertainment medias. Console Games. PC Games. Movies. TV Series. TV Dramas. TV Soap Operas. Music Videos. Animes. Motorsport Events or Car Racing Events. Etc. Where are "the new legends"??? I don't see them in entertainment medias. This is why I believe they can't demolish "the old legends". 


ค่ายจีนกินรวบ! Ford-GM ประกาศหาพันธมิตรพัฒนา EV แต่หลังบ้านจับมือกับ BYD เรียบร้อยแล้ว

14 February 2024


This video has no alcohol bevs.

Most videos from @LiloSHI have alcohol bevs. He is a Japanese man in Japan. Posting alcohol bevs contents is not illegal in Japan.

By the Thailand's draconian alcohol laws (and many anti-alcohol groups and their movements in Thailand), I, h0ngcom, can't share such contents.

In Thailand, I think consuming alcohol bevs is somewhat more in liberals than in conservatives. 
Some Thai conservatives drink alcohol bevs. 
Thai anti-alcohol people are conservatives and/or religious. 
I am a f***ing liberal but I don't drink alcohol for economy and occupational reasons.

11 February 2024

With star drivers Keiichi Tsuchiya and Nanami Tsukamoto, experiencing the charm of BYD SEAL.



Video from Oct 26, 2023.



There is almost no English-language news about Keiichi Tsuchiya drift a BYD EV.

Contrariwise, there are a lot of news about Keiichi Tsuchiya drift a Hyundai EV.

So I think the brand and the nationality of brand are still matter to the news agencies' decision to report or not report.

10 February 2024

China’s BYD is Catching up to Tesla

The Lie That Killed Mitsubishi





Still survive in Thailand and some countries, but no the Evos anymore. And (in h0ngcom's opinion) Mitsubishi still having much stronger global motorsport images than all Chinese automakers (they are doesn't exist or almost not exist in world famous motorsport events).

09 February 2024

Tesla controversially excluded from 2024 World Car of the Year finalists

#WCOTY20: Top Ten Finalists For 2024 World Car of the Year





No matter who wins, I think BYD is the tenth out of ten. 

Because BYD is in the finalists of 2024 WCOTY but not in the finalists of a subcategory 2024 World Electric Vehicle (which seems easier for BYD to win). I think it is a joke to put BYD in 2024 WCOTY finalist instead of 2024 WEV (WEVOTY) finalist.

And, in this case, I still go for Toyota, as same as about sixty or seventy million Thai anti-EV people.

Other reason is Toyota Prius is a finalist for both the 2024 World Car of the Year and the subcategory 2024 World Car Design of the Year, which makes sense for Prius to win the 2024 World Car of the Year.

Tesla taken down by BYD #tesla #byd #electriccar

'Snowfall' by Scott Buckley 🇦🇺 | Piano Ambient Music (No Copyright) ❄️

When He Was Born He Killed Everyone Around Him Except For His Mother

07 February 2024

Recording Car Sounds for Gran Turismo 7





Gran Turismo : Use a Kia car when recording snow tire sounds.

also Gran Turismo : In the GT games/universe, still NOT recognize Kia as an automaker, as same as all BRICS countries' cars (all Chinese cars, all Indian cars, all Russian cars).

(h0ngcom personally believes that the Polyphony Digital Company, the creator of the Gran Turismo games, is not neutral, it chose the First World side in the world politics.)

I think Kia thought "AM I A JOKE TO YOU?"

At 2024 Geneva Motor Show, the ‘Next World’ zone is hosted in partnership with Polyphony Digital where several Gran Turismo Vision concepts will be showcased. ( https://www.carscoops.com/2024/01/renault-dacia-mg-byd-among-few-remaining-exhibitors-at-2024-geneva-motor-show/ )

h0ngcom guessed that the 2024 Geneva Motor Show, that have only few car brands on display, would be a great chance for Polyphony Digital or Gran Turismo to know about Lucid, BYD and SAIC-MG, but no, it doesn't enough to make the Gran Turismo game universe know them as automakers.

In contrast to GT games, Orlando Bloom, also know as his Danny Moore character from the Gran Turismo 2023 movie, definitely knows Lucid because he once bought a Lucid car. ( https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-10553691/Orlando-Bloom-overjoyed-picks-new-Lucid-Air-luxury-electric-sedan-Beverly-Hills.html ) Maybe he remembers BYD, because he drove a BYD car in a Chinese movie The Shanghai Job / S.M.A.R.T. Chase. (Coincidentally, he was the Danny Stratton character, of course, another "Danny", in a BYD car in that Chinese movie. Another Danny, of course, in the GT 2023 movie, is working for Nissan.)


A Comparison of Elite Media and Netizens' Comments on BYD – How Significant Are the Differences?

I've seen the news. The picture of Akio Toyoda passed BYD booth. I think Akio's face shows "he ignores BYD" or "he hates BYD" rather than "he is having stress".

According to an other news, Akio Toyoda said to the media that “Japanese automakers must win.” I think Akio is no need to said that, since I never see and never think Japanese automakers can lose (at least, in Japan, its "home stadium", and Thailand, its "home stadium" too!).

I seen anti-EV and anti-Chinese-product sentiments are still very high among the most of Thai people.

Geely's EV sales skyrocket 306% in January as it passes BYD & VW

Japanese auto lose HUGE market share in Thailand as EVs sales grow 685%



By the percentage, it is very big.

By the sale numbers, it is very small (except BYDs, Neta V and MG4, that are more than 1,000 in that month, still not big numbers to me).

In my point of view, Japanese auto is not yet lose, especially the "T" brand, "H" brand and "I" brand. They are still gods of fuel cars, especially the T, that currently no EV company can beat it, and looks like that EVs will never beat it. Not surprise why T believe that EVs can't conquer the world, because the fuel car business of T is still the greatest.

Bangkok Motor Expo is also a new car sales event, not just a car show. It usually takes place in December. This event can stimulate new car sales very well, both at the event and through various car showrooms across the country. It contributed to the increase in car registrations in January. (In many cases, the car will not be received in the same month as when the order takes place.)

06 February 2024

He Realises The World is Just a Virtual Reality, And Other Humans Are only NPCs




A new character called Phassakorn Saetang.

This video clearly shows that Phassakorn is a character. It is acting, not real.

Other points are his pronounce of แซ่ตั้ง (Saetang) is not from the Thai "แซ่ตั้ง" but it is from the English that spelt "Saetang" (despite his Thai-accent English speaking), and Plummcorp's posts (and Phassakorn's posts) in the Thai language are clearly wrote by machine translated, not the native Thai.

Full PLUMMCORP CEO Lore (So Far)



A new character called Phassakorn Saetang

Outcast Thieves Make Billions by Drilling Into Underground Oil Pipes

04 February 2024

He Loyally Served 30 Years As Their Deadliest Assassin, Until Betrayed And Hunted

Last 500,000 Humans Are Attacked by a Horde of Alien Creatures After They Kidnapped an Alien Chick

Alien Queen Uses Spaceship With Nearly Half Earth Size To Kill All Living Things on The Planet

Aliens Invade Earth And Kidnap 3 Billion People To Use Their Brains Inside Alien War Machines

The Smartest And Fastest Theft In History, 1.5 Billion In Just 45 Minutes

Man Invites His Enemies On 1 Plane, Planning To Crash The Plane

Plane BANNED To Land Anywhere In The World & Passengers Dying

2024 BYD Atto 3 vs Hyundai Kona Electric Review: Sh*t just got real...

02 February 2024

BYD Secures Land for NEV Plant in Hungary with Preliminary Land Purchase Agreement

No More Lithium! BYD Shifts To Sodium-Ion Batteries!

Man Trains A Fly To Steal $500 Million From World's Safest Bank



 The fly didn't steal money.

The fly in movie is much bigger than in the video's cover picture.

Mom Clones 20 Girlfriends For Her Son So He Can Satisfy His Needs

A World Where People Earn Money By Selling Their Beautiful Memories

Man Just Realizes That The Black Circle He Printed Can Take Him To Another Universe

Creatures Invade Earth And Kill 99% of Humanity But No One Has Seen Them

【世界の衝撃EVシフト】電力不足・充電インフラ不足のはずなのに、、 2023年12月最新、日本車天国タイで、5台に1台以上がEVシフトの衝撃



[Shocking EV shift around the world] Despite the lack of electricity and charging infrastructure, more than 1 in 5 (new) cars in Thailand, the Japanese car paradise, is shocking as of December 2023