09 March 2024




Aug 22, 2023 video.



*. CIVIC is as very good as h0ngcom thought.

*. The QIRUI is much better than h0ngcom thought.

*. Seat cover blocks seat airbag. So should not use seat cover on airbag-installed seat.

*. Some cars' body has the driver's side stronger than the passenger side, maybe just made for good results in crash tests, but in the reality, that maybe not so safe. So the future crash tests should test for the both sides of car body.

*. Windshield from CHANGAN seems to be the safest. In this point, h0ngcom think it is safe to say BYD SUCKS.

*. This BYD SUCKS. But it is just 99,800 Chinese Yuan (about 491,500 Thai Baht). The cheapest here. (I think the Thai car market wants affordable PHEVs like this too, since most Thai people still like fuel cars (dislike pure-EVs).)

*. Revealed that the QIN PLUS DM-i (PHEV) does not use the Blade Battery!

And many other interesting topics.

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