08 March 2024

China-Foreign Race of 12 Cars at Top Nordic Ground, Swedish Top-Tier Driver Testing Hot Chinese Cars







Nio has high popularity, according to the YouTube comment section. Of course, Nio deserves more global EV markets. 

Arcfox deserves more popularity and deserves more global EV markets. 

(Arcfox Alpha-S is well known for beats BYD Han in 1-1 crash test. I think I want the safer one, it is of course an Alpha-S, from that test event I called it a BYD killer, but of course there are no Arcfox dealerships here.)

Tesla is very good as usual. 

VW should bring its EVs to Thailand more, and do more marketing. 

(I saw a Laotian man drove an ID.4 into Thailand. Maybe in the December 2022. I was so envious.) 

h0ngcom think BYD entered Thailand is correct decision, since there are no natural snow. (I think this video shows how suck Atto3 is.)

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