21 June 2024





I see a news that Suzuki Maha Sarakham has closed down, effective 31 May 2024. 

This is understandable from a business perspective. 

Warning: Texts below this line are including my rants.

However, I disagree with this decision. Because Suzuki still have good sales and good images. It is a brand that has been known for a long time. And it is still popular. Not a new brand at all. Many people are still using the Suzuki cars. I don't agree when a dealer abandoned users before the car company/brand with no new/other dealer to replace. 

After Proton abandoned me and some users (and Geely doesn't revive Proton in Thailand), and after Chevy exited Thailand, made me though that in the future, if I bought a brand new car, I will bought a car with very strong brand and very strong dealers (very strong after sales services) to preventing that problem. 

It is ais(true) that Suzuki factory in Thailand is closing, but that doesn't mean it is the end of the Suzuki brand in Thailand. Because many car models were imported.

In addition, this dealer has changed to selling EVs from a Chinese company instead. It is DEEPAL. (A new brand from ChangAn.) I think it's worse selection than the before. Because most consumers still want "Japanese fuel cars". (And many EV buyers are still waiting for Japanese EVs.) Only a small percentage of people will buy Chinese-brand products when there are products from other countries that provide more confidence in use and provide better images of the user.

The dealer's statement cited the growing popularity of EVs in Thailand and the Thai government supports for EVs as reasons for the decision. But h0ngcom thinks these reasons are not purely correct. If it is correct, the dealer should delete Mazda too. 

Although the Thai gov supports EVs more, at the same time it wants to protect the fuel car industries in Thailand as well. 

I believe more in the power of consumers, that the most of them still love fuel cars and continue to buy fuel cars, especially Japanese fuel cars. Thai people have trusted in Japanese products for a long time. Some Thai brands of products have names that sound like they're Japanese but in fact they are not. 

That company is now dealers for 5 car brands. That are 4 Chinese car brands, which seems too many. Mazda is the only one Japanese brand left. 

There are many Chinese car companies and they compete hard. Now there are too many Chinese EV brands came/coming into Thailand. In the end, I believe that the numbers of Chinese EV brands in Thailand will be decreased. A brand/company (one brand/company, not combined) will never be able to beat Toyota, Honda, Isuzu.

I believe that in the near future, almost all roads of fuel car buyers lead to Toyota. All roads of EVs will leads to some few companies too. Fuel cars are not extinct in the year 2099. Maybe the year 2505 or even later. The year of Idiocracy. President Not Sure.

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